‘True Blood’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 ‘In The Beginning’ 07/22/12

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 'In The Beginning' 07/22/12

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood called ‘In The Beginning’. On tonight’s Sookie decides she wants a normal life, so she tries to find out out how to get rid of her faerie powers. She discovers her magic is not finite because she is only 1/2 fae and if she uses it too much she will run out of power, she considers life without faerie powers. If you missed last week’s show called “Hopeless” we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 5 episode 7 episode of HBO’s “True Blood”.

On last week’s episode, Yikes did you see that ending coming last week? I was shocked! I loved that True Blood hired Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni to play The Vampire Authority Roman and thought he would stick around for a bit. However, my favorite vampire, I love to hate, had other plans and after his iSTAKE failed to worked Russell staked Roman. As Roman was talking about peace, Russell yelled, “Peace … is for pussies!” and showed Roman “The True Death.”

So Russell is back, Roman has gone to the great vampire graveyard in the sky and you just know the poor residents of Bon Temps have lots of drama and problems ahead!

Official HBO synopsis of next week’s episode: Sookie considers life without faerie powers; Sam locates shooters; Hoyt finds a new group of friends; Alcide prepares for a fight; Lafayette searches for Jesus’ body. Salome’s true loyalties are revealed; Sam’s sense of smell comes in handy; Alcide prepares for a fight; Sookie embraces her human side

On tonight’s show we pick up after Russell has killed Roman – Dieter screams level one protocol and the Vampire headquarters erupts in pandemonium as they try to take control.  Russell heads after Eric and jumps on him and says, “You and me, together, at last.”   Looks like Eric is in trouble!  A countdown starts as something is suppose to happen in the headquarters, but then Molly says, “I don’t understand why it is not working.”  Meanwhile  below the headquarters in a cell Nora prays  to Lilith as she burns.  The situation does not look good.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 'In The Beginning' 07/22/12

Sam uses his dog skills to find the people who are shooting the supernatural creatures.  As he sniffs around a deputy is standing by and watching and asks him, “Just what in the hell are you looking for Mr. Merlotte?”  He gets the deputy to check a box and out tumbles the masks the men who killed the sups wore.  He sniffs around more and eventually ends up on the floor. Gotta admit it is pretty funny seeing Sam lying and rolling around on the floor sniffing :-)  By sniffing on the floor he smells five or six men.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 'In The Beginning' 07/22/12

Sookie has been feeling a little off her game lately and a fellow fairy drops some news on her.  The fairy asks her if she has been experiencing disturbances in her abilities and when Sookie starts to think about it, she admits she has.  She lets Sookie know that since she is only half fae her magic is finite.  She tells Sookie she will run out if she is not careful how and how much she uses it.  Sookie asks her, “What happens if I do run out, would I die?”  I don’t think there is much chance of that!

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 'In The Beginning' 07/22/12

I am sure Russell will be wreaking havoc on The Authority tonight !! Tonight’s episode is going to be an exciting one, that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage HBO’s True Blood tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of True Blood season 5, so far!

Tonight’s recap:  In the aftermath of Russel killing Roman the vampire authority is going into level one protocol – but it does not seem to be working.  There is a lot happening in the dark  but the authority guards come in and the lights go on.  Eric is chained to the wall near the ceiling and tells Bill, “The View from here is spectacular.’ Meanwhile Russel is covered with a silver net and laughs….

Jason and Sookie are in the fairy brothel and Claude and another fairy are passing light through Sookie.  Sookie wakes up and they tell her she is safe, but Sookie tells them that they zapped her.

The fairy asks Sookie if she has been experiencing distractions.  Sookie agrees she has been off her game lately.  The fairy tells her she will run out of her powers if she  keeps using them so much because she is 1/2 fairy and her powers are not finite.  Sookie is excited because she can be human if her powers are gone.

Andy is telling another deputy about how the man in the hunting store got shot and where he was looking when the man pulled his gun.  Meanwhile Sam is there and he is sniffing around.  The deputy asks Sam what he is looking for.  He tells the deputy to look at a box about and the deputy looks and there are masks.  Sam tells her it is the masks the men who have been shooting SUPS wore.  Sam is rolling around on the floor and tells the deputy it is five or six men.

Hoyt is with Joe Bob and the men who are shooting the SUPS.  Hoyt tells the hate group that he feels more love in this group than he has felt in a long time.  He gets a call and it is the Dragon, Hoyt asks who the Dragon is but they ignore him.  Hoyt tells the men he regrets sleeping with Jessica and they tell him not to worry she probably glamored him.  Joe Bob comes back and tells the men they shot Junior.  The other men are pissed.

Bill tells Eric they used them, Eric thinks it is Nora.  Bill does not believe it could have been Nora alone, because they put silver in Russell veins and he lived through that.  So Bill thinks someone had to help.  Eric and Bill are asked to come and see Salome.  Nora comes to speak to them and Eric tells her to go F! herself.

Russell comes in and Russell tells Eric let bygones be bygones.  He forgives Eric for killing Talbot but Eric does not forgive him for killing his family.  Nora keeps trying to make nice with Eric and Eric refuses to listen to her.  Salome admits she dug up Russell up – she knew Russell was the only one who could kill Roman.

Bill does not believe Salome’s sadness – he accuses her and says that she just wants power.  Nora asks Eric to join them.  Eric tells them NEVER they are bible thumping cun*s.  Bill tells them he believes the only answer is mainstreaming and peaceful existence with the humans.

Salome tells the boys they are having a ceremony tomorrow night and she wants to give Bill and Eric another chance.  Nora thanks her.

Alcide is practicing with his second for the fight for pack leader.  Alcide tells her he has to practice because JD almost beat him.  She suggest he take vampire blood for one night to even the fight with JD but Alcide refuses.  He kissed her and Marcus’ mother walks in.

Marcus’ mother Martha tells Alcide that she asked JD what JD and Alcide fought about and Alcide tells her JD is hooked on Vampire blood but JD denied it.

Martha tells Alcide that it is JDs turn and there is still time for him to back down.

Arlene is watching her wedding ceremony to Terry.  Holly walks in and joins her and they sit watching the ceremony together.  They both start to sob – Arlene tells Holly she was so happy that day, she had it all and did not know it.  Holly tells her not to give up on Terry.

Jason brings Sookie some breakfast in bed.  Jason tells Sookie that it is not her fault that their parents were killed.  Jason always thought it was his fault.  Jason tells her their parents were so young and so unfair.  He tells Sookie that he will be damned if he will let Sookie feel guilty because he loves her.

Andy goes to see Sheriff Dearborn – he needs some advice.  He tells him that there are a whole group of killers killing people and he thinks he may suck at being Sheriff.   Dearborn tells Andy his wife is out of town and he is busy and he basically slams the door in Andy’s face.

Lafayette goes to visit Jesus’ grandfather – he walks into the shack and sees a chair with a severed head on it.  He hears a voice and turns around it is Jesus’ grandfather with a shotgun who says he is going to take back the power that Jesus gave him.

Sookie comes to the hospital to visit Luna.  Sam tells Sookie that his friends are being shot because they are different and even Luna’s 8 year old daughter was shot.  Sookie asks Sam if he could get rid of what he is for a normal life would he do it.  Sam tells her noway, because he thinks he can change people’s attitudes.  But lately he feels like he cannot change people.  Sookie wonders if they did not have their powers would they not see the hate.  Sam tells her well if he was normal a lot more people he loves would be alive today.

At Fangtasia, Pam is watching Tara who is pole dancing.  Tara’s mother comes in the bar and says, “How could you Tara, how could you put me in this position, I am a ministers wife and I cannot have a daughter as a vampire.”  She then disowns her and tells her she is not afraid of her because she has Jesus at her back.  Tara tells her to leave.

Bill and Eric are at the ceremony.  Salome is speaking to everyone and tells the members of the authority that he believes that Lilith forgives Russell for killing The Guardian, Roman.  Russell apologizes to everyone for what he said about Lilith.

Nora tells them that Roman believed they came from humans, but Nora tells them they did not.  Salome takes the vial of blood from the case which is suppose to be the blood of Lilith and tells the members of the authority that they will all drink tonight from Lilith’s blood.  Dieter asks Salome who is she to say they can drink the blood of Lilith.  Russel jumps up and smashes Dieter’s head off.

All the members agree to drink the blood.  Salome takes a drink.  Bill asks Eric if they are going to do it.  Eric tells Bill it is vampire blood and they are vampires so it not going to hurt them.

In the next scene all the members of the vampire authority are walking down the street with their teeth bared – they all seem drunk.

Tara is in the office sitting at Pam’s desk, she looks upset.  Pam walks in and tells her that her Mom is a bitch.  Tara tells her ya but she is still my Mom and Pam tells her she is not.  Pam tells Tara that in 100 years she won’t remember her, she promises her.  Tara gets up and hugs Pam and Pam tells her break is over.

Back at Jesus’ grandfather’s house they have Lafayette tied up and there is a pregnant women lying on the floor and her stomach is moving.  He tells Lafayette that he loved his grandson but he is soft.  He accuses Lafayette of stealing his family’s magic – he takes a knife and cuts Lafayette’s head and tells him he is taking the magic back.  He kisses the women on the floor’s belly.  He picks up the knife to stab Lafayette and all of a sudden the pregnant women on the floor gets up and stabs him and stops him from stabbing Lafayette.  She walks up to Lafayette and starts to remove the string that he has tied to Lafayette’s mouth.

JD is speaking to the pack.  JD tells the pack that a war is coming between the vampires and the humans – he tells the pack that they join his friend the vampire and they drink V.    JD tries to talk Emma into drinking the V – Martha hears him and grabs Emma and tells JD she does not know him anymore.

Joe Bob comes to get Hoyt they are rolling – going to kill some Sups.

Sam is at the hospital and the nurse tells him visiting hours are over.  As he walks out an orderly walks by and he smells him and he realizes he is one of the men shooting SUPS.  Sam jumps on his and accuses him of killing his friends and the man accuses him of the same.

At a bar everyone is listening to a girl who is singing ‘You light up my Life’  Russell walks in and starts singing with her.  A women in the audience screams.  She says, “It is Russell whatshisname”  Russell says Edgington, and bites her.

In the forest Terry and Patrick are sitting down and they are freezing.   Terry is upset and he tells Patrick he wishes he had never given him the order to kill the people.  Terry tells him, but he did.

Jessica is in bed with a man and someone knocks at the door and it is Jason.  Jessica asks if he has been drinking and he agrees he has.  Jason tells Jessica that his parents were not killed in a car accident they were killed by a vampire and he is going to find out who.

Sookie is walking by herself and she is having memories of people telling her she is different.  She remembers what the other fairy told her about using all her power and using it and she starts to throw balls of light.

Jason tells Jessica that it is all messed up.  Jessica tells her that all Vampires are not the same – she kisses Jason and he asks what is on her mouth – he realizes it is blood and he gets really pissed.  The man comes out in his underwear and Andy tells him he is disgusting.

She bites Jason and he shoots her in the head.

Jason goes out and he sees rays of light in the sky and he says what the hell and runs towards them.

At the bar there is a massacre the members of the vampire authority are feasting on all the bar patrons and killing them.  They see a drop of blood fall from the sky and a women appears, it is Lilith.  They are all shocked, even Russell.  They look at her and then they resume feeding on the humans.  Eric sees Godric his maker come to him and Gadric says to him ‘You know this is wrong and so does your sister.”  He asks Eric to save Nora.

The End!