‘True Blood’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 9 ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ 8/5/12


Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood called ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World.’ Only four more episodes left of this season, so we are in the countdown to the finale. On tonight’s episode as the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric plots his escape. Gran directs Sookie to a clue to her parent’s murderer. If you missed last week’s show called “Somebody I Use To Know” we have a full and detailed recap here for you here!

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 5 episode 9 episode of HBO’s “True Blood”.

On last week’s episode at Authority headquarters, the Chancellors were reveling in the afterglow of feeding on many humans. Eric got a message from Godric; and realized all the killing of humans they did was wrong. Helped by Claude  and his sisters, Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths, with shocking results.  The old vampire who killed their parents is now interested in Sookie again.

An emotional Luna shape-shifted into a figure resembling Sam. Hoyt’s new pals bring him a present, Jessica to kill, but Hoyt could not do it. Lafayette leads a séance to purge the fire monster curse.   J.D. ups the stakes of his fight with Alcide.  J.D. wanted them to hunt a young teenager which Alcide had no intention of doing.

Official HBO synopsis of tonight’s episode: As the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) plots his escape. Gran (Lois Smith) directs Sookie (Anna Paquin) to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) recalls his pack induction; Arlene (Carrie Preston) gets caught in Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick’s (Scott Foley) crossfire; Steve (Michael McMillian) gets a new pet.

With the season coming to an end in four weeks there are a lot of characters whose futures are in jeopardy.  On last week’s show, Hoyt saved Jessica’s life after his new pals captured her, but he disappeared soon after.  So have the powers that be decided to kill Hoyt off?  You never know!  I never expected Roman to be killed off so soon.   In the preview for tonight’s episode, Jessica is very upset and is crying. Jessica says, as she sobs, “If anything happens to him it is because of me!”  I guess she is feeling guilty because Hoyt saved her from the rednecks who are killing sups.  The police think he ran off to stay out of trouble but Jessica thinks that something terrible may have happened to him.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 9 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' 8/5/12

On tonight’s show Sookie and Jason are going to get closer to finding out who killed their parents.  From last week’s show it looks like the vampire who killed their parents is one we have not met before, but I am not sure that is the case.  Lafayette gets a message from Sookie’s grandmother tonight.  Sookie reads out loud a newspaper article about her parents’ deaths. She didn’t know Sheriff Dearborne found their bodies, Lafayette finds that out from her gran.  Sookie wonders if maybe the former Sheriff knows something.


Shreveport’s new pack-master JD will be helping the vampires wage war against humans. Russell Edgington shows up at a pack meeting and offers his blood to the wolves.  Russell is with Steve Newlin (I see a new boyfriend in Russell’s future) Can Eric and Alcide stop the war that is coming?  Can Alcide beat a V addicted J.D.?  Can Eric make Bill see reason – it looks like Bill is really to help the Authority wage a war against humans.


Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s True Blood — tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of True Blood season 5, so far!


The show opens with a news report — it shows a True Blood factory burning down to the ground. The Authority has a naked man chained to their table. They seem to be preparing him for some sort of sacrifice. Salome says a prayer, to thank Lillith for this food, and together they all eat.

We see the young security vampire try and get out of the Authority’s building, but she’s denied access. Eric approaches her, hoping that she can help him escape, but she tells him that she doesn’t know how. “Well,” she says, “there is one way. But it just might get you killed.” Eric responds: “Perfect.”

We see Sookie talking to Lafayette. She wants him to try and connect with the mysterious spirit that haunted her in the previous episode. Sookie asks how he’s been, and then asks if he’s made contact with Tara. Lafayette is really coming into his medium powers, and he connects with Gran. Sookie asks if Gran knows anything about the thing that haunted her. Lafayette relays this message: “You’re sleeping on top of it.” Sookie walks over to her bed and, out from underneath it, finds a memory box filled with letters, handkerchiefs, etc.

Jessica is in the police station. She’s trying to find out where Hoyt is. Jessica knows something is wrong. Because she’s been with him, truly been with him before, she has a psychic bond with him. But now she can’t feel him. She’s worried and cries.

Sam is with Luna. Luna desperately wants to go with Sam to find “The Obamas,” the hate group group that is responsible for so many murders — the people that shot her and tried to killed her daughter. Sam desperately tries to get her to stay put, to stay in bed, but she’s defiant and stubborn. She accuses him of being sexist. “Trying to protect someone I love is sexist?” he says. She’s taken aback and, while she continues to maintain a cold, hard facade, we can tell she’s happy and glad Sam is in her life.

Terry and Arlene continue to discuss the situation with the fire-monster curse. He struggles with what to do . . . in order to free himself of the curse, either he or his friend has to die.

Pam is watching footage of the flaming True Blood factory. Tara brings in boxes of True Blood. Pam says that they’re not going to horde the True Blood because they need their human customers to stay alive. Pam is clearly worried and Tara notices this. Pam says one thing she tries to stay away from are humans who eat fish and politics. As Tara walks out, she notices Pam’s glum state, and offers her support — saying that she’s open to talking about Eric and whatever else is bother her. Pam, the defiant woman she is, says that Tara just needs to stay out of her personal life.

Eric and Bill are back at the Authority. Eric wants to know what angle Bill is playing. Bill says he’s lost, that he doesn’t know who to trust — or who he can trust. Eric says that they both need to stay away from that blood, the blood that made them high. Eric says that they need to get out of there. They need Salome’s blood to get past the security system. They come up with a plan to escape . . . just before dawn is when it all goes down.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Sookie are looking at photo albums and the stuff in the memory box. She doesn’t know what to look for, but eventually she comes across an old article that gives the name of the sheriff who found her parents’ bodies. She thinks maybe Bud Deerborn, the old sheriff, might know something more about her mother and father’s unusual death, which we know to be a murder.

Jason tries to make sure Jessica is safe and gives her a security detail. Andy stumbles across a website that posts videos of the hate crimes. They realize that they’re modeling themselves after the KKK, and that their leader is someone known as the “Dragon.” They think that if they can locate the Dragon they’ll be able to put an end to all this hate — or at least some of the hate.

Alcide is driving in his truck and has a flashback. We see him as a teenager. The packmaster, who is Alcide’s father, says that the one thing wolves have that other supes and humans don’t have is this: their pack. Union. Togetherness. Power in their bond. We see him drive toward Jackson.

Sookie is at Mr. Deerborn’s house. She’s there to inquire about her parents’ deaths. She asks if he remembers any strange markings on them. He says yes. They definitely were killed by a vampire. Sookie grabs his hand to try and get into his mind. He struggles. She realizes he doesn’t know anything else and, in a surprise attack, Sookie is hit over the head with a pan. Her attacker is some big lady dressed in a tight pink dress. Who’s this lady? We’ve never seen her before on the show. If I had to take a guess . . . i’d say there’s a good chance that this lady could be the Dragon — just a sneaking suspicion.

Arlene is attacks by Terry’s friend. She’s held at gunpoint. Arlene is force to call Lafayette and tell him not to come into Merlotte’s today.

Sookie awakes. Her wrists have been hogtied and she’s trapped in a pig pen. Hoyt is there, too. An Obama comes into the barn.

Jason and Sheriff Andy try to figure out who the Obamas are and who the Dragon is. They look at that website some more and notice that one of the Obamas is wearing leather cowboy boots. Andy realizes that those boots belong to Bud Deerborn — the sheriff. They think that he’s the Dragon. Sam and Luna turned themselves into flies so they could be “flies on the wall.” HAHAHAHA *UGH*

Bud comes into the barn and says that he’s had enough of all these supes. The lady that hit Sookie comes in, too. She’s clearly the brains behind him. Bud admits that this lady is the Dragon. Bud forcefeeds her some ginger ale, which has been laced with high doses of oxycontin.

Andy, Jason, and the other cops raid Bud’s house . . . there’s no one there. Jason remembers that Bud and his family have a pig farm a ways out. Sam tried to tell them that he smelled “pig sh*t” but they didn’t listen to him.

Meanwhile, Terry’s friend is about to shoot him. Arlene stabs him in the back of the neck. The gun falls out of his hand and they get in a fight. Arlene gets the gun and threatens him.

Eric talks with Nora, who continues to fawn over the “blood of Lillith.” Eric asks her how she found god (Lillith) and she says that Salome showed her the truth one day when Roman was below ground. She says that Salome let her taste the blood of Lillith and that she underwent this profound evolution, one that sparked a moment of belief — an intense sensation of purpose and belonging.

A barebreasted Salome kisses Bill on her bed. Salome says to Bill that they have been chosen to help bring about a new world. “What if I don’t want to be chosen,” he says. Salome says it’s already done. “Her blood is inside you now . . . let it be your guide.” Bill and Salome proceed to have sex but, as they do, Bill can’t help but picture Sookie beneath him. He drinks Salome’s blood and, in another moment, sees Lillith. He touches his fangs and realizes he has Salomes blood on his fingers . . . the very thing needed to BREAKOUT of the Authority’s facilities.

The Obamas are about to do something bad to Sookie. Sam shifts into his human form and saves her. Soon, Andy and Jason and the police arrive. Andy shoots Bud. The Dragon escaped, but Luna runs after her in the shape of a dog. She pounces on her and begins beating her up. I mean this isn’t just a few punches, she punches the crap out of her. Jason tends to Hoyt, who isn’t looking so good.

Terry holds the gun in his hand and, even though his friend works to talk his way out of death, Terry shoots. He saw the ghost of the woman who placed the Ifrit curse on him. “Blood has been paid with blood,” she says. “Take what is yours now, Ifrit.” The fire demon fills the room and takes what is his. The body dissappears . . . and all appears to be well. Terry and his family are now safe.

In Fangtasia, Pam notices a vampire feeding on a human in Eric’s throne. She confronts him. She tells him to get out immediately and makes him aware of the fact that there’s no public feeding in her bar. The vampire says that “Eric’s history,” gone forever, and that he’s the new vampire sheriff of Area 5. Oh, crap. Also, he says that the public feeding is not banned anymore. “Grab a human, everyone. Drinks are on me!”

Russell is talking with Rev. Newlan. There’s definitely a romance forming between them. He walks into a barn where his wolf pack awaits him. He feeds them him his blood. Martha and Luna (in her wolf form) watch in the background. Russell asks Martha to drink from her. Martha says she’ll never drink from a vamp. Martha is holding her granddaughter (Luna’s child), and Russell takes her. Oh, guess who’s going to be royally pissed off? Luna.

Alcide arrives at his father’s trailer. They drink a beer together. He realizes that he’s now a lone wolf.

The fairies bring Sookie some soup. LOL. They tell her that vampires are behind everything.

Eric and the security specialist are about to escape. Eric sedates Nora to take her away, too. They’re waiting for Bill to come. Soon, Bill arrives. But he has a smirk on his face that says one thing: you’re not going anywhere. Bill stops them. Salome and guards take them prisoners once again.  BILL IS A BADDIE — he’s obsessed with the notion that he’s “The Chosen One.”

The show ends and we know a lot of people are going to be talking about Bill’s “change of heart” tomorrow. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode. We enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to find out what happens in next week’s uber intense installment!