US One Direction Get Death Threats from UK One Direction’s Rabid Fans

US One Direction Get Death Threats from UK One Direction’s Rabid Fans

The original US One Direction band is creating lots of controversy as rabid UK One Direction fans have been threatening the US One Direction band and their families with death!  The original American One Direction band is in the process of suing Simon Cowell’s UK One Direction band for stealing their name which they have been using since 2009.  US One Direction claim they have been receiving many threats of violence including murder and being threatened with other forms of violence that will be perpetrated against them.

One threat is that the Americans will be chased with “spoons and carrots,” which is apparently a reference to UK One Direction inside joke. The US band mates have all got threats but one was even aimed at Sean O’Leary (the band’s frontman) father, Dan who manages the group.

Sean said:  “There has been so much hate mail, like people threatening to cut our b***s off.  The one that stands out for me is a girl saying she wanted to kill my father.”

The US One Direction actually mentioned that they’ve been using the name before the UK one, since 2009, stating that fans saying their band name is a copy of UK’s One Direction are just “confused.”

This is probably the worst thing about boy bands, the fans. They can be some of the most stupid people in the world; they’re so ignorant and believe that everything bad said about the band is wrong. Hell, the band members could support Nazism and these fans would be all for it they’re so pathetic.

To be honest I’ve never listened to One Direction even once in my life – neither US nor UK, they just don’t seem interesting me. Nothing new here, just another Justin-Bieber-like faze to me so it was a matter of time until the fans showed this sort of crap.

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Speaking of Justin – he is one Canadian who is not impressed with the British boyband  – he practically gave UK One Direction’s Niall Horan a beating when the punk made a move on Selena Gomez during the Kids Choice Awards.

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