Which Popular Rapper Has Rihanna Added To Her Extensive ‘Had Sex With’ List?

Which Popular Rapper Has Rihanna Added To Her Extensive ‘Had Sex With’ List?

Rihanna is doing her best to sleep her way through Hollywood but she is also wide open to offering membership in her love-to-love-you club to other entertainers.  Case in point is the news that Meek Mill has made it onto Rihanna’s preferred customer list.  With Meek Mill nothing but a fading memory Rihanna needs to keep her nose to the ground or risk letting other suitable prospects get away.

According to the always adventurous MTO, a source has revealed to them that Rihanna and Meek enjoyed a lustful encounter a month ago.  Allegedly the two hooked up in Los Angeles and were so pleased with the results that a return engagement is possible.  Since Rihanna has said that no man can satisfy her we hope that Meek Mill will not quit his day job waiting for her return call.

MTO reports: MediaTakeOut.com just got some TOP SECRET info from a Los Angeles insider. We’re told that about a month ago, pop superstar Rihanna had a BRIEF fling . . . with HOOD RAP SENSATION MEEK MILL.

A ROCK SOLID insider told us that the two LINKED UP while in Los Angeles and had a brief . . . very LUSTFUL relationship.

And the two never OFFICIALLY broke things off. Word is that they’re BOTH still open to GETTING IT IN in the future.

Meek Mill is one lucky dude. Oh, and to all you who DON’T KNOW about Mill, he’s just about the HOTTEST RAPPER IN THE STREETS right about now.

Rihanna is a very busy young woman – a great model for today’s youth.  She is the very embodiment of probity and she possesses an unerringly reliable moral compass… she just forgets to carry it with her!  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: BOZFF/FameFlynet Pictures