Whitney Houston Autopsy Shocker – Was She Pregnant? (Photo)

Whitney Houston Autopsy Shocker - Was She Pregnant?

The March 5th, 2012 issue of Globe Magazine features the cover story ‘Whitney Houston – Autopsy Secrets.’  The magazine claims that they have proof that Whitney Houston was murdered.  They also speculate on whether she was pregnant at the time of her death.  The magazine includes pictures of Whitney where they claim she is sporting a baby bump.   This is certainly a ‘no holds barred’ week for the tabloids.  First the National Enquirer published a photo of Whitney in her coffin and now these claims by Globe.

Globe has the scoop: Whitney Houston’s autopsy will reveal explosive secrets about the star including proof she was murdered –and a blockbuster pregnancy shocker.  Globe reveals that Whitney was found dead in the bathtub in her Beverley Hilton hotel room on Feb 11 was hiding a baby secret.  Several people in Whitney’s entourage believe she was pregnant when she died, an insider tells Globe.  Whitney thought she might be expecting although she said it would be a miracle.

There is also chilling proof that Whitneys death was murder.  One of the singer’s aides found her face-down in the water with her legs and arm dangling out fo the tub..  Whitney’s odd position in the tub argues again a drowsing death.

Whitney was broke, but owed drug dealers a staggering 1.5 million, and her death smacks of a hit man revenge to show other junkies what would happen if they failed to pay.  You don’t get away with owing that much money to vicious drug dealers and live to tell the tale, a law enforcement source told Globe.

One thing we know for certain, the autopsy results were initially listed as ‘deferred’ and Assistant chief coroner Ed Winter told reporters that police had requested that no details about Whitney’s autopsy be publicly released.   He did say the coroner’s officials were not ruling out any potential causes of death. He said there were no signs of trauma on Whitney’s body.  He said toxicology results would take weeks and the results were needed to determine how Whitney died in a room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

So there you have the story – is this all groundless speculation by Globe to sell more magazines, probably…  What do you think?  Sound out in the comments below!

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  • Who knows and who cares

    • MJ21

      obviously u because u read it like everyone else

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  • Anetricep

    Honey Oats thats rude of you 2 say!!!!

    • truth-hurts

      Whitney was murder illiumanti is real people blinded by the truth will die because of a lie

  • There are  a lot of questions that need answers? Why first of all would there be Egyptian Tombs placed outside Whitney’s Funeral home before her viewing? (LOOK AT THE PICS) a little disturbing!? Secondly, why was Whitney’s body not moved from the hotel until almost after 11 hours after she was found? It does not take this long…(EXAMINE the FACTS) Thirdly, if everyone was so consumed with Whitney’s death??? Why did Clive Davis not POSTPONE the PRE-GRAMMY PARTY that was taking place at the hotel and WHY were the GRAMMY’S NOT POSTPONED! Is it not weird the first words out of BRUCE SPRINGTEINS mouth “ARE YOU ALIVE OUT THERE”? Look at the front of NIKKI MINAJ SPOOKY “RED RIDING HOOD DRESS” It looks like the head of “WHITNEY” on the front at bottom! Then look at how LADY GAGA was DRESSED! Most weirdly NIKKI MINAJ did a “DEVIL WORSHIPPING” routine with exorcisim….about “ROSEMARY’S BABY”! How many people on hear here about the strange man with Michael Jackson before his death from AMSTERDAM…He just so happenned to be with WHITNEY the week of her death!? How many people have heard of “ILLUMINATI”? Look it up? Have you heard of the rich selling their SOUL’S TO DEVIL”? As strange as this sounds? Some of these events are just not EXPLAINED! Look up the numbers corresponding with Jackson’s death, Anna Nicole, and Whitney! Look up dates, hotel rooms etc….FOLKS IT IS ALL THERE!

    • Another “Illuminati” raving idiot! Do you even know what the illuminati is? Get a fricking life!

    • LO


    • truth-hurts

      You are right whitney was murder as a scarific to the elite aka illiumanti by gay-davis aka clive davis jason wake people before it’s too late

  • so much bull just let her rest in peace

  • matt demon

    ofcourse she was murdered. she was used up and owned money and the only way to get money was to kill her so the sales would skyrise.

  • truth-hurts

    Whitney was murder wake up people she was worthmore dead then alive because her albums sales wasn’t like the 90’s gay davis aka clive davis sacrifice her she sold her soul in late 70’s