Final Photo Of Whitney Houston In Her Open Coffin (Uncensored Photo)

Final Photo Of Whitney Houston In Her Open Coffin (Uncensored Photo)

Whitney Houston is exposed for all to see in her coffin by a photo that graces the cover of the National Enquirer. The photograph apparently showing Whitney in her open coffin has been published and is already raising controversy. As everyone knows Whitney died in the bathtub in her suite at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel and her official cause of death has not been determined – although a combination of alcohol and Xanax is suspected.

The Herald Sun has the following breaking news:  The chilling picture shows the singer lying dead in her golden casket, clad in a regal purple dress and wearing what looks like a diamond brooch and earrings.

The weekly magazine has run the snap alongside a bold headline proclaiming: “Whitney: The last photo!”

It is understood the photograph was taken inside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey, where her family attended a private wake last Friday (local time) on the eve of her funeral.

The magazine claims the photo was taken at the private viewing – although does not reveal who took the picture.

Carolyn Whigham, the owner of the Whigham Funeral Home, told MailOnline: “I have spoken with the family about this and they have asked me not to comment on the matter.”
Whitney – who died aged 48 on February 11 – was wearing jewels worth $500,000 and had gold slippers on her feet, according to the publication

The image – which was published in today’s edition – has stirred a strong reaction on Twitter, with people expressing their shock.

‘#wrong #rip,’ wrote one Twitter user named as The Bitter Critter.

Another user of the social networking site, Eric S Pittman, simply exclaimed ‘Oh dear’ while tweeter Peter Anthony Holder wrote: ‘No privacy for Whitney, even in death. As usual, the National Enquirer is a piece of work.’

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The Washington Post’s Sarah Ann Hughes was not pleased:  It’s not known how the Enquirer obtained the photo. Requests for comment from Houston’s publicist and Whigham Funeral Home have not been returned.

Even without verification, the photo is shocking and disturbing. But it’s not surprising that it has been published.

The Enquirer published a photo of Elvis Presley in his casket on its cover in 1977. The issue sold 6.5 million copies, according to the Sun-Sentinel. More recently, a photo of Michael Jackson’s lifeless body was shown during the trial of doctor Conrad Murray. It was then republished in the media.

In the opinion of this writer, a line has been crossed. It seems highly unethical to me to publish a photo of this nature in the first place, but especially without permission from the person’s family. That seems to be the consensus on Twitter, as well. But where should the line be drawn in the first place?

What is important here is not the photograph of Whitney’s corpse lying in her coffin. What matters is the tragedy she made of her great talent and potential for a wonderful life. Did The Enquirer go too far by publishing this death pic? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Adriennejones85

    Dead or alive she was still BEAUTIFUL..It’s a cruel world put there!! Just heartless!! R.I.P. Whitney..

  • ray

    i htink shes beautiful  and so many wanted to see her to tell her goodbye but couldnt i loved here very much and will miss her voice and sorry shes gone due to the lifestyle  i saw it and said beautiful whitney ill miss you  and glad you are not in torment anymore and she can sing possibly in another life with all my dear loved ones and friends i lost  but it could have been done more tastful by the  internect so you could tell her goodbye in your own way than  newspaper  im seeing it here not in a paper  big difference  bye whitney love ya


    they are totally out of line some thing just should’nt be done and anyone that works with this magazine should be ashame period ……….SICK TO MY STOMACH !!!!!!!CLASSLESS!!!

  • Mayra12901

    I wish people would respect the wishes of those loved ones left behind.  I did not need to see her in her casket.  I wanted to remember her alive how OUT OF RESPECT to her family and even her should have been.  It is the lack of respect and privacy from the MEDIA and THE FANS that lead this people to develop health issues.  IS A SHAME!!! A total shame that this newspaper still exists after all the damage it has done!!!

  • PasoFinoCA

    Wouldn’t it be marvelous if one could be a celebrity, share huge talent with the world,  and have a right to a private life?  Watching the problems celebrities have with leading a rational life makes one reflect that possibly the blessing and the curse of celebrity is not only the media but also “the fans”.  Houston was obviously troubled by financial issues, drug, alcohol and family problems with both her “ex” and her daughter – the media celebrated and trumpted this news.  A “friend” at her wake snaps a photo of her in death, and then sells it to a worthless rag.
    It is tragic, totally tacky and thoughtless that the media,  fans, and “friend” would not  even allow her to die in peace.

  • Mskfc1

    National Enquirer has gone over board on privacy and respect!

  • Danmac76

    When dollars are there to be made, these rag mags
    would sell out their own grandmother.
    RIP Whitney.  You are beyond anything they can do
    to hurt you anymore.
    Unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina is still here and having
    to deal with these blood sucking leeches.  My prayers
    go out to Krissy, Cissy, and the family.

    • Sssilkiysmooth

      OMG, what the hell just foolishness all the way around…, just FOOLISHNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Koffidk

        what is wrong with the pic coming out is just a picture.she is not a good example to the youth.she  decided to die young from bad habit.private you call dam it.teach your young one to behave and out from drugs.drugs kills ppl shd be concern than the pic african boy

    • LilliesOnEarth

      @Danmac76.. We thank God for people who think like you, We WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHITNEY and MAY YOUR SOUL BE AT REST OUR ANGEL.. We will pray for Bobbi Kristina and Cissy as well as for Bobby Brown because he was involve with her for the past 14 years regardless of what wet wrong between them.. We need people like you Danmac76 be blessed as well. 

  • Hell NO – Big deal I am so sick of hearing about her and blah blah this and Blah Blah that.  She was a singer who ODed.  What about all the service men that fight for our freedom.  You don’t see or hear anyone doing something like this for them.  They are the true HEROs not some drugged up singer.  I am sorry she passed but enough is enough already.

    • Sexypoobear23234

      First and foremost. we are not free!!! thanks to Bush. he  tried to send us to hell with this war… this comment had to come from a person of non-color. we did not bring the damn drugs here, the white man did…

      • Ah She ODed on prescription drugs not Crack – I guess the white man brought over the Prescription drugs as well …….  Yes it is the white mans fault a wonderful singer got hooked on drugs – Hmmmm I seem to remember that she went down hill after she married Bobby Brown?  HMMMMM is he white  – NOT

        • Edej3030

          Whitney had a problem before she got with Bobby, that the reason they were such a good couple together.  They even wrote a song about it.  Its called “We got something in common.” Look it up!


        Hey dumbass, the war came to us here in the US first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rockdiva


    • Louie5113

      you are a sucka! What is wrong with black? She made some of the greatest music, singing, and you got the gall to look at her as a black successful woman? Jump in the lake.

  • lady K

    I just think the media sucks period! you know its the medias fault always looking for juicy gossip to put out there about famous people and not realizing the damage it could do to ones career, with there friends and families and on an emotional level as well!  Not to mention with ruining these peoples lives you cause them to do horrible things in there life to be able to cope with all this. Than when they are gone its the worse thing ever!  Now tell me is it the worse thing cause you cannot sell your gossip filled terrible stories about these wonderful people anymore.  You know as always said kharma is a bitch!  R.I.P. Beautiful Whitney Houston, Beautiful Michael Jackson and always keep in mind these wonderful people paid millions for charities!!  something I’m sure your not interested in doing you horrible publications!!! You lost my business

  • RobinG

    this is what happens when you are a celebrity, you have to take the good with the bad unfortunatly, noone is to blame except herself, she knew better and to do that to a child even if she is 18 is terrible. I think  its funny how some wont post the pick saying its overboard and is lack of privacy,but are the first to speculate and honestly they wish they had the picture first, its business. the way i  look at it,whitney filmed being Bobby Brown, that was way worse than this picture enough said! R.I.P Whitney and sing for the angels



  • Need2BSugarFree

    Well if you stop and think about it, it was a closed service by invitation only… SO the only way this photo could have been taken was by one of the persons that got an invite… It is sick to think that someone did that to sell to the tabloids… at least it is a beautiful picture, she looks wonderful.

  • Jeff

    Ok I’m confused?  You all claim to be appalled and shocked at the pic and that “you didn’t want to see her this way” yet you all came to this site to see it?  Me thinks thou dost propest too much”.  :)

  • Infamous


  • lets be honest we all looked at the picture for whatever reason…this lady is gone, that is just a body in a coffin..there was a period in history when taking photos of dead in coffins was common place. I personally think her faimly is probably more upset about the drug speculation than the coffin portrait..but thats just my opinion

  • Guessagin

    Everybody is putting the National Enquirer down but very little is being said about the scum that took and supplied the photo to the tabloid….that’s where the outrage should be.

  • Guessagin

    The person who took the photo is the culprit in all this…without it, the sleazy tabloid has nothing.

  • Bursetanya

    she was not just a singer she was a person someones child mother family member god bless who ever did that ugly act

  • Smg1122

    Nobody is perfect in this world ok! yeah I know you tired of hearing about Whitney Houston! but guess what? youre gonna continue to hear about it for a long time! stop judgin folks, GOd does that!! Think before you open your MOuth because that Pink tornado in your mouth what we call a tongue will get your ass in trouble every time! We all got to do what Whitney did and thats die! we all have to die it doesnt matter how you die! You need to think about your Life here on EArth cause Whitney is Living her life Eternally with GOd! oh and by the way! Keep Livin! cause we got to Die! Singin in GOds Choir, Rest Eternally Whitney!

  • Ladyessance601

    I have to admit I am a fan that wanted to see how pretty she was in her casket for me it was about the realization of it and to know she looked as beautiful as I felt she would; although I wanted to see it, I can’t believe that someone would take it this far.  The world has forgotten that these celebs are people too.  They have family that is grieving and they can’t because of the inconsideration of people( the person who took/sold the pic and those who bought it) have just so they will have their quick fame or thinking about the dollar signs and not the family… SAD…she’s gone and she still has the media after her…..can we please let her finally rest…. 

  • Jemmecat1

    I would say that  I respect thet fact that it was a closed casket to her fans, but when you are a celebrity this is just what is expected.  She looks beautiful as ever and they shouldnt be too mad cause she belonged to the people and they wanted to see her beautiful face one last time

    • Plattscmp

      I agree.  She looks beautiful and I for one am happy to see the photo.  Of course it would have been better for the family to give the fans a last photo of her looking beautiful and peaceful at last..  It is a so much better then the ones taken just prior to her death.  Those only showed the ravage the drinking and drugs were taking on her body and soul. 

      Beautiful Whitney we will miss you.

  • If it was an open casket funeral, then everyone present was looking at her like that and didn’t make a squeak about it – obviously, some family member sold it to the NE for some major money.  I’m thinking Bobby Brown…

  • Gene Peake689

    If you are so sick of hearing about her why are you on this site I dont agree with the photo but she looks beautiful. As said at her funeral we only look in from the outside celebs like her do give up a lot to provide entertainment for us without it it would be a boring life, yes they make money for it but at what price please leave her alone and stop the nasty comments no one is forcing you to look.

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  • It’s sad someone sold her picture to the tabloids but she does look peaceful and beautiful.

  • Docwishbone

    No…the Enquirer didn’t go too far…they did what that have always done…now I am more upset about the media taking pictures of American soldier’s caskets more than that of whitney…she wasted her life and talent..

  • Emmymfreeman

    Just Wrong……

  • Jackie1167

    if you worry about pictures getting out. should have been a closed casket. but they wanted to show her off one more time. well they got what they wished for. she got shown to the world her last photo. which will stay with her forever. the WHITE MAN didnt make her take the drugs. she did. stop with that white man black man b.s. we are all people if i cut you, you bleed the same color as me. with idiots saying these things. this is why racism will never die. we are people she had demons she delt with. and was trying to do what she needed to to do make a come back. whether it was too late or not. she is gone now. let her be. and im just tired of hearing about it. i am now at the point of who cares. i am going to deal with the living not the dead. 

    • LilliesOnEarth.

      @Jackie1167… Cudnt agree mor… Let her soul Rest if wil rest, Its ol in God’s hands nw.. Hhaw bathong!!!

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  • Carla Mabry

    I always loved and resecptd whitney houston I am glad to have seen her last photo as a fan i have closer because i know that she is with god rest in peace nippy. I love you

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  • Native American and proud

    BEG your pardon, The Indians had drugs before the white man idiots!!!!!1

  • Jchina48

    I don’t agree with anyone selling any body’s picture of such a private  moment. Unless the family agree’s… RIP Whitney!

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  • discussedwithracism

    OMG!  What is  wrong with people today?  White, Black, Yellow, Red, or Tan–it doesn’t matter, if we cut ourself we bleed the same color.  Grow up people!  No Whitney did not fight in the middle east war but she was an idol for a lot of young people and her death affected a lot of people and lives, let them mourn her death and maybe they will learn from the cause of her death, maybe they will not make the same mistake.  She was a wonderful singer and a beautiful lady.  And guess what–I AM A WHITE LADY.

  • Louie

    It’s so disgusting, hey you. who did that, you deserve death row.

  • Sexishorty40

    Hell yea they did even tho it’s been awhile I’m still steamed about it. I miss her so much she was a wonderful women and she still is and always will b