Who Won THE VOICE Tonight 12/18/12?

Who Won THE VOICE Tonight 12/18/12?

Tonight it is all over after weeks of grueling blind auditions, the battle rounds, the knock out rounds and the live shows the winner of THE VOICE season 3 will be crowned.  On last night’s show the three remaining finalists Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope, and Terry McDermott battled it out for the last time for America’s votes.

The finalists sang three songs: 2 solos and one song with their mentors.  Did you see all of last night’s performances?  If you did not we have all the videos here for you.

According to a poll we conducted today, it is still anyone’s crown  Cassadee leads the poll with 41% of the vote, followed by Terry McDermott with 31% and Nicholas David with 27%.  Have you voted in our poll yet?  There is still time go HERE!

On tonight’s final result show and the finale of its third cycle there will be guest performances by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and The Killers set to perform. The finale that night will conclude when a new champion is crowned.  The winner of season three will receive a recording contract with Universal Records.

In addition, “The Voice” season finale will have other surprise guest performers to be announced later.  Chris is rumored to be a surprise guest, but no confirmation yet.

Tonight’s “Live Finale” is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the third season? Who was your favorite? Who do you want to see win the competition? Who are you voting for?

Here We Go LIVE!!

Here we go – Adam’s in a snazzy tux, CeeLo looks like he’s wearing an albino rhino armor and Christina looks very 1920s diva. Finalists Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott come out in their finery and wave and take a bow and then they’re out of there.

We flip to a video montage of the judges chatting about the range of talent over the season and how great they themselves are. Blake trash talks CeeLo and says he wants his second win as bad as CeeLo wants his first. They play clips from last night’s show – all the great duets! Carson says last night was the highest number of votes ever and The Voice has 23 songs charting on iTunes.

Carson introduces Rihanna who breaks into her new hit Diamonds. RiRi looks nice – makeup very understated.  Her outfit looks like it’s made of black American Express cards cut in pieces. She looks better than I’ve seen her in a while. Covered head to foot, classy makeup and no foul language. Hmm… Looks like The Voice is a good influence on her. Hope Chris Brown’s not backstage!

Adam complimented Nicholas’ performances last night and said he was incredible. Carson asks CeeLo about it and he says that Nick deserves to win the show as much as anybody and that he’s an exceptional person. Carson gives Xtina a shout out for her birthday. She says she loves Nicholas’ crazy kicks, says Cassadee is gorgeous and that seeing Terry with his son was magical.

Carson asks Blake how he felt when he woke up today and he said “hung over.” Blake said last night was a celebration that made him proud to be part of the show. He said the finalists all deserve to be there.

Carson announces Terry who says he’s doing Kiss’ Rock and Roll All Night for his “bring back” performance and bringing back Rudy Parris, Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Michaela Paige. Terry talks about how much Rudy loves Kiss, how much power Amanda has for rock. He says Bryan is unique and soulful and Michaela has a ton of talent for her age. He says the song is going to be fun, high energy.

Rudy’s ripping on the guitar as Michaela opens the number. Man, Rudy is like the reincarnation of Meatloaf, isn’t he? They rocked it hard!

Back from the break, Christina Milian is with Terry and his friends after their performance. They thanked Terry for bringing him back and they all wish him well.

Carson announces Nicholas David singing with Smoky Robinson on a duet of Cruisin’. Wow – that is some soul going on up there. Amazingly smooth…

I’m sorry, I can’t get past CeeLo’s wardrobe choice. I get the satin jumpers, even when he brought out his mini-me last night and I can live with the parrot, but he looks like a video game character from Skylanders…

Carson announces a featurette about Adam. He says he can play multiple instruments and is amazing. Christina says he likes to soak up the spotlight. They show Adam playing drums, guitar, piano, harmonica, banjo, singing. CeeLo says he’s seen him play accordion and spoons. Blake says Adam could play 17 instruments in a parade. He says he’s a nerd though. Christina compares him to the one man band in Mary Poppins. Cute.

Carson announces Cassadee Pope singing Here With Me with The Killers. Brandon Flowers is on fire. His voice is smooth like cognac. But I keep wondering where she is. Finally, a couple of minutes in, she’s there – did they not want to share the stage or was she stuck in the toilet? The song was half over when she joined in! They sound nice together, but there was almost no Cassadee in the song…

Back from the break, Carson’s got the cast of The Biggest Loser with him and talks to Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince.

They bring back a bunch of the old contestants to sing Stacy’s Mom.  McKenzie, Julio, Dez, Cody and Diego all sing nicely together and it’s a really cute number that makes me nostalgic…

They announced on an ad for next season that Usher and Shakira are joining Blake and Adam for Season 4 of The Voice in case you didn’t know.

Back from the break, Christina Milian has all three of the finalists in the skybox and asks if they have anything to say to each other. Cassadee says they’re weird and she loves them. Terry corrects her and says he’s just foreign and that he loves them too. Nicholas says they started and ended together and Cassadee wishes her BF Ryan a happy birthday.

They play final confessional clips. Nicholas says if he wins, he’ll throw a pizza party with his family, Cassadee says she’ll make a weird face. Nicholas says he can get out of witness protection and take off the fake beard. Terry says he can signal the Scottish invasion force that phase one is complete. Blake says he’ll be thrilled if his team wins and will brag and gloat. CeeLo says he’ll do a cartwheel and somersault, quit his second job and get some of his jewelry off layaway.

Cassadee says she’ll be happy to lose to either of them. Nicholas says they’ve all already won. Terry says it’s been an incredible journey.

Carson announces Catch My Breath with Kelly Clarkson singing with Terry McDermott and Cassadee. Kelly looks great as a blonde and she’s rocking her huge engagement ring! They sound great together. Kelly shared a lot more stage time with them than The Killers did with Cassadee.

Carson keeps referring to Kelly as a member of The Voice family – that’s interesting that they’ve disassociated her from American Idol and have staked a claim on her…

Back from the break, Cassadee talks about Melanie Martinez and how talented she was. She chats about Liz Davis and says she loves her voice and says they got along well. She says Deb’orah inspired her from the get-go. Carson announces their song – the ladies are doing Imagine Dragons. The ladies are rocking it! This was a great song choice.

And back again, Carson bounces it back to Christina in the skybox and has Cassadee’s bring-back artists. Liz says Cassadee’s going to kill it. Deb’orah says she needs to bring it for the chicks and Melanie says she knows she’s going to win it.

Back to Carson, he says Terry’s ability to rock took him to the finals and introduces the finalist singing Baby I Love Your Way with Peter Frampton. Man, Frampton still sounds good. But where’s the hair from back in the day? Terry and Frampton sound like they were born to sing together. Very nice. Carson even says it was awesome.

Carson introduces a birthday presentation for Christina. Blake says every day must feel like her birthday because she’s her. Adam says she’s so incredibly talented. CeeLo said he’s going to miss her spicy attitude. Adam says she’s a goofball. She says she love Scooby Doo. They get Jason Aldean to wish her a happy birthday and call him her favorite hillbilly. They’ve also got birthday wishes from Rascal Flatts and the muppets – including a CeeLo muppet! Carson chimes in as well at the end.

Carson welcomes back five of the Season 3 divas singing The Emotions disco classic Best of My Love – it’s Jocelyn, Lauren, Adriana, Sylvia and Devyn. They balance each of the ladies nicely and they all sign their butts off. It’s very nicely done.

Carson brings the three finalists center stage – Cassadee, Nicholas and Terry are out there and then St. CeeLo comes out. He’s got a ridiculous wig on, is in a sleigh and tells them he’s brought them a Christmas gift. Christina Milian tells them they all get new Kia’s and she shows off the three models.

Carson announces Bruno Mars doing a world premiere performance of When I Was Your Man from his new album Unorthodox Jukebox. No surprise that it’s awesome. He could sing me the phone book. There’s a very church sounding electric organ backing him that reminds me of a gospel number. Wow! He is singing his face off. Great song. Is it just me, or do you hear a Percy Sledge vibe in the song?

Christina Milian is talking to Kelly Clarkson in the skybox. She said they shouldn’t worry about winning – that it’s mad exposure and that they can have careers without winning.

Now it’s Nicholas’ bring-bank number. He chooses Trevin, Dez and Amanda. Wow – that’s Amanda’s second bring-back. He says he feels like they went home too soon. The song he’s picked is Boyz II Men End of the Road. That’s an interesting choice. Man, they sound great together. They are harmonizing beautifully. It’s nice to have a female powerhouse in there – she adds a lot to the song.

Carson gives a nod to Paul Mirkovich and The Voice band. Then he announces Cassadee singing with her idol Avril Lavigne on I’m With You. Props to Avril for sharing the stage for the full length of the song. They sound really great together – matching harmonies – lovely! Can’t decide if Avril’s just in slouchy pants or if I can see a baby bump going on. Hmm…

Carson says one of the coaches has a dramatic flair that can’t be held down. Adam says he’s Buddha meets Isaac Hayes. CeeLo tells Xtina he’s a genie in a three liter bottle. Blake says he has to go home and Google words CeeLo uses. They show CeeLo doing the wave with his cockatoo. Carson announces CeeLo’s taking a break for Season 4 but will be back.

The coaches all take the stage for one last time together singing Green Day’s Time of Your Life. That’s a fun choice for the finale. (Much better than the Seinfeld finale where I first heard this song…) Adam’s on guitar and the others sing along nicely. It’s not their most dynamic number, but it’s very pretty. Not my favorite number they’ve shared this season though. Where’s CeeLo’s mini-me? That would have spiced it up a little.

Carson has the three finalists there and asks them what a win would mean. Terry says it would help with his family and would  make for a Merry Christmas. Cassadee says being there means a lot and that she was nervous to step out on her own. Nicholas says he would tell his Grandfather how thankful he was that he encouraged him to pursue his dream.

Carson goes to the coaches. Adam says the common theme is that they all have the best intentions – he says they all win and this is a technicality. CeeLo says he adores Nicholas and wants the best for him and promises to be with him. Why did they skip Blake?

In third place is… Nicholas David. Aww. I love him. He’s so funky and amazing and CeeLo has got to be crushed right now.

With those two left, I’ve got fingers crossed for Terry. (please, please) Blake’s got another win either way, but he looks nervous. It’s Cassadee. Terry hugs her. Blake goes out to greet her. Cassadee says it’s amazing. She thanks everyone who voted for, thanks hair, makeup and everyone else. She mentions Christina as well. There’s tickertape and smiles. Blake gives her a big hug. He announces (like we forgot) that Blake’s a two time coach.

And that’s it for Season 3 of The Voice. Join us here for Season 4 next year!