Why Is Jenelle Evans Back In The Spotlight?

Why Is Jenelle Evans Back In The Spotlight?

Looks like Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is back in the spotlight again. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans is heading to court to request that her probation to be dropped so she can move forward and seek custody of her son Jace.  With her heavy partying and being out all weird hours of the night and day, her mother Barbara Evans took matters in her own hands, and had taken her daughter to court to get custody of her grandson Jace.

Poor Jenelle, seems like nothing can go right for this young mom.  From being in a relationship to Marine Gary Head in early January – to their nasty breakup that was all over face book in April.  Then Jenelle letting her ex have it on a lip synch music video on you tube, deleting her twitter account, using LSD…  Nothing seems to be going right for her, except perhaps getting custody back of her son.

April 24th Jenelle will make her grand entrance in court, pleading her case to win her son back.  Nothing new to report with the other teen moms.  Seems like they got their act together for the sake of their children – well Amber Portwood might be an exception.

Do you yourself think Jenelle Evans should win back custody of her son? Yes or no? Or do you think the case should be dropped and he just stays with his grandma, just in case mama Jenelle has a relapse all over again and goes out and does her thing.

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