Why Is Victoria Beckham Looking Like The Grinch? (Photos)

Why Is Victoria Beckham Looking Like The Grinch? (Photos)

Could there be trouble in paradise – why is Victoria Beckham looking like the Grinch about to steal Christmas? Just what is up with Victoria these days? Is she afraid to smile and develop lines in her face or is she just miserable? Could it just be that she’s struggling to juggle a crazy work schedule and spend time with her baby, Harper, and stressing about her hectic schedule.

Victoria didn’t look to happy as she launched another one of her fashion lines, “Victoria, Victoria Beckham” at Harvey Nichols in London with the attendance of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay and Olivia Palermo.

Seeing that Vic hasn’t even got time to do things for herself anymore, Mel B’s thoughts on a possible Spice Girls reunion is definitely not happening. Besides, according to David Beckham, Victoria doesn’t get along with all of the former girl-group members and hasn’t spoken to some of them in years.

Victoria rarely looks happy or even contented. Does she love David? Does she appreciate her amazing success or perhaps she is one of these workaholics who is just never satisfied.

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