Why Is K.Michelle Freaking Out?

Why Is K.Michelle Freaking Out?

K.Michele is an R&B soul singer who was signed to Jive Records in 2008. Kimberly Michelle Pate aka K.Michelle is starring in the reality television show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Everyone is asking if this reality television show will save K.Michele’s career?  There has been much scandal and news recently on the show.

The songstress fought to get out of a record deal and said, “The point in my career now: do I even want a record deal? I fought out of a record deal, and I haven’t even been out of my deal for a year yet. Now, I’m trying to decide on how I want to put out music and is it time for me to put out music?” What does a failed singer do when there’s nowhere else to turn? Well, you star in a reality television show, garner millions of new fans and become a household name. When your record is released, at least a few people will buy it before it ends up in the local music store bargain bin.

K.Michele has been vocal on her appearance on the reality television show on VH1 which follows around these Hip Hop women. She told VibeVixen.com, “My role in the show is just kinda (sic) my story about being a single mother and singer who’s just going through the day-to-days of trying to get my career back on track and finding love again.” Sounds like every other Kardashian episode to us, except the single mother and singer part.

The songstress is also freaking out about her son’s appearance on the reality show, stating, “My biggest concern is not putting him on camera because I didn’t want people to see him. Me and my son (sic) have a great relationship.”

K.Michele, we will be watching your every move. Good luck with not failing. What do you think readers? Interested in K.Michele’s trials and tribulations? Let us know in the comments below.

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