See WWE Star Amy Weber Naked Photos From Stolen Laptop


Former WWE Diva Amy Weber has a full spread of nude photos online. But hold on, it’s not what you think. She released them herself! Weber tells TMZ that her laptop was stolen right out of her car at a playground in L.A. While Weber was playing with her kids, a thief broke into her car and swiped her laptop which had a full spread of unpublished Playboy pics on it.  So, instead of waiting for the jerk to sell the photos and make a butt-load of money at her expense, her management team decided to sell them to the media themselves on their own terms.

Okay, a couple of questions. Does this reek of a marketing ploy to you guys? We’ve all seen and heard about how naked photos of celebs get around. Usually a celeb is in bed or in the bathroom taking shots of their nether regions on their cell phones or laptops and then somehow those gadgets get stolen. Next thing you know, they’re on every single online website spreading like wildfire. The odd thing about this story is that Weber isn’t standing nude in her bathroom, artfully posing in the mirror, or languidly stretching on her bed.  These are professionally done and retouched Playboy photos. So, Weber pretty much looks perfect. No messed up hair and smeary make-up for her, no it’s Playboy perfection.

Also, would Playboy do a fully nude photo spread of a quasi-celebrity and not release them? That just seems really odd. Even if the girl looked hideous in the photos, which I highly doubt she would, couldn’t Playboy just Photoshop the crap out of them and release them anyway? Judging by some of the photos, Weber looks super hot!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a desperate ploy for Weber to make a comeback of some sort. She resigned from the WWE in 2005 due to her allegations of harassment from some of the wrestlers. She later stated to the Cosmic Tribune that she “wasn’t happy with the pay and I wasn’t happy with the ‘frat house’ like environment“. She hasn’t done much since then, and this releasing of a nude photo spread is the first time her name has been mentioned in years.

What do you guys think? Good job for Weber in releasing her own naked photos before someone else could make money off her? Or do you think this is a ploy for Weber to make a name for herself again?

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