You Got To See This! Kim Kardashian’s Ass Cheeks “Hypnotize” In New Family Video

You Got To See This! Kim Kardashian's Ass Cheeks "Hypnotize" In New Family Video 0603

The Kardashians released yet another family music video and the only things that were missing were stripper poles and crystal. The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” was the inspiration and the background music for the video set in the Dominican Republic where the family vacationed early last month. It has everything you’re looking for in a rap video: 16-year-old’s dry-humping million dollar boats, rich white boys wearing do-rags and a scantily clad Kim Kardashian popping her butt crack in and out of the water. At least I think it was Kim. I just saw an ass – no face but I’m pretty sure it was Kim’s. It just had that look to it. The video also features things you wouldn’t be so excited to see in a rap video like a pregnant Kourtney Kardashian gyrating in a leopard swimsuit, Kris Jenner Jersey turn-piking all over Bruce Jenner’s face and 16-year-olds in bikinis riding on donkeys (maybe you would want to see that last bit).

But I was warned! When Kim was in the Dominican she graced us with a tweet foreshadowing this blessed, cinematic event. “Fun times in the Dominican Republic with the whole family! U better believe the whole family shot a new music video while in the Dominican!!! Its our new family tradition! Can’t wait to share it soon (sic).” In a moment of pride, Kim released it to the world yesterday with the tweet, “Our newest family music video!!! Hypnotize by B.I.G. Shot in the Dominican Republic!!!” Perhaps by doing this, Kim is deflecting attention away from her newest divorce debacle? Or she might just be really proud of what the family put together. They do look like they are having a blast in the video.

So if this is going to be the new family video tradition, does this mean no more sex tapes? I doubt it.

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  1. Viewerx111 says:

    “…stripper polls..”, what does asking strippers questions have to do with music videos?   Any semi-professional news outlet has a proofreader, so it can’t be a typo for “stripper poles”.