2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Arrivals: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Photos)

2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Arrivals: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Photos)

The 2013 Golden Globe Awards are almost here. Before we get going with all the awards, first we have to take super classy journey onto the red carpet. Who knows what celebs will be wearing tonight, but let’s just hope they don’t disappoint. Right here we will be giving you a live play-by-play of the red carpet, highlighting the brief interviews done before the ceremony and all the fantastic celebrity fashions and style.

Stay tuned with us all night. After the red carpet ends, we’ll take you into the awards show itself with a live recap of the program. We’ll announce each award, who’s not happy about losing, and we definitely won’t forget all the inevitable acceptance speech flubs! That’s the best part, is it not?

I’m really excited to see who takes home the globes tonight. All of the people nominated deserve the honor, so it will be hard to root for just one. Who are you rooting for tonight? Are you excited for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to rock your socks off? I think they will be an awesome duo, and if they do well, perhaps they will make this an annual thing. Wouldn’t that be amazeballs?

Let’s get ready to see what the stars are wearing as they walk the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards! As the Red Carpet event unfolds, we’ll make sure you have all the nasty, scandalous details. Don’t forget to keep refreshing the page to get the latest Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet arrival photos. How else will you be able to help me decide who gets the Golden Globe Awards Worst Dressed and the Golden Glob Awards Best Dressed awards of the night?

Coverage of the event will begin just a bit after 7PM EST and we will post pictures as they become available. So make sure to keep checking back for the latest updates — especially if you can’t be by a TV tonight. Don’t worry, we got your back! The actual ceremony will begin at 8PM EST, with coverage beginning just after that.


The Red Carpet begins now, and freaking Matt Lauer is a presenter. Apparently, this is the party of the year, so they better have some awesomesauce things going on during this pre show. Matt, alongside Samantha Guthrie, inform us that there will be over 9,000 glasses of wine served tonight. Yikes. Gonna be some wobbly celebs.

Bradley Cooper arrives on the red carpet to celebrate his first Golden Globes nomination for Silver Linings Playbook. He says he was, originally, very scared to play the role, but ultimately decided he’d give it a shot — and probably was very glad he did!

Hayden Panettiere is lookin’ good in a nude colored dress, and she’s very excited about being nominated for her role in Nashville. Matt and Samantha (here on out known as MS) chat with Jon Bon Jovi. He’s nominated for a best song.

Amy Adams is also wearing a nude colored dress — must be the color of the night. Sorry, I’m not a fashion writer, so this is basically going to be a coverage of what COLOR THEY ARE WEARING and if THEY LOOK DECENT.

Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban talk about their nominations, and Nicole says that as an actress she’s so thankful for having been given so many diverse roles over the course of 2012.

 MS chats with Jimmy Fallon, and he says he’s having a blast and that MS looks awesome. He says he’s so excited an that he almost pulled a “Roker in his pants.” Hehe. He says he’s only there to book new talent for his show.

Al talks with Zoey Deschanel. He asks her if she’s surprised how New Girl is shaping up. She says she is “So col. It’s crazy.” She’s wearing a pretty nice red dress by Oscar de la Renta.

MS chats with the hosts of the night. They ask them what is in their purses. There is nothing in them. MS asks them what they’ve done to prepare. Tina says they prepared for a bit, just a brief rehersal. They talk about their drinking game. They seem a bit nervous to host, but but I’m sure they’ll do amazeballs.

MS talks with George Clooney and Stacy Keibler. MS asks if he drinks before presenting. He says no, he doesn’t do that; he tried once and it turned out horribly.

Al Roker talks with Jennifer Lawrence. He asks her what it was like to play such a young widow. She seems very nervous. She wears a red dress, that looks a bit weird, her boobs look sorta pointy in it. That is the extent of my fashion critique.

MS talks with Anne Hathaway next about Les Mis. She rocks that short haircut and wears a sparkly glitter-tastic dress. SPARKLY THINGS!

Daniel Day Lewis is up next on the MS stage. He talks about Lincon beside his wife.

We get a glimpse of Adele as Nat M. talks with Kevin Costner.

Al chats with Julianne Moore. He asks her if there she experienced any trepidation when considering the role of Sarah Palin in Game Change. She wears a pretty cool Tom Ford dress.

We catch a glimpse of Halle Berry, who, as always, looks like shes going to the beach.

MS chats with Hugh Jackman, who is nominated for Les Mis. Matt says his role was a brave role. Hugh says he was extremely nervous to take the role but, ultimately, his wife talked him into the role. Good thing he took it!

MS talks with Jessica Chastain next. She’s lookin good in a sky blue dress, and she talks about the unsung heroes that her critically acclaimed movie Zero Dark Thirty explores.

Nicole Richie looked amazing in a ring by Sylva & Cie at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The sleek pave black diamond bauble added a stylish edge to Nicole’s old Hollywood glamour look.

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter looked beautiful in a ring by Sylva & Cie at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The dazzling lavender ring added a touch of sparkle to Ariel’s chic floral dress, making her choice style one to watch

That’s pretty much it; I think we managed to get all the highlights for ya. We will keep adding pics here throughout the night and into the hours of the morning (just so you get all the outfits and celebs). Now, let’s head over to the full recap of the awards show!