Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition RECAP 11/19/13: Season 2 Episode 12 Finale

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition RECAP 11/19/13: Season 2 Episode 12 Finale

Tonight on Lifetime Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition returns with another new episode and the season finale called, “Meet Abby’s Newest Ultimate Dancer.”   On tonight’s finale we will learn which dancer will win the $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School.  Did you watch last week’s season 2 episode 10?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show all of the dances this week are inspired by “Alice in Wonderland.” With the numbers dwindling, the competition heats up more than ever and when one mom sabotages everyone, her daughter pays the price. Nerves are at an all-time high and nothing is off limits when it comes to making the final three.

On tonight’s show and the season finale It’s finally time to choose this year’s Ultimate Dancer. The finalists are so close they can taste it and they’ll do anything to win the $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Everything is on the line and every move they make counts. May the best dancer win!

Tonight’s episode is going to be a drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of Lifetime’s Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2 finale — tonight at 9PM EST.

RECAP: It starts off with Cindy talking to her daughter Gianna; Cindy believes that Gianna can sure as hell win this competition though she needs to stay focused. Cindy believes that her daughter has been improving every performance she gives; she can see that Gianna has been gaining a ton of confidence. Cindy and Gianna want to win this competition; they seem to be very serious in winning this. Kalani calls her father to let him now that she’s gotten to the finale, Kira is happy to see where her daughter has gotten in this competition; though she wants Kalani to focus on the mistakes she has made throughout the competition and try to improve on them. Trinity wants to use her power to win the competition, Tina talks about her daughter’s weakness in not having long legs. Tina believes that Trinity was born for dance and Trinity dominated tons of competitions. Shari thinks that McKaylee still has a shot in this competition, she wants her daughter to have confidence; McKaylee is impressed with herself and how far she’s gotten so far. Shari mentions that McKaylee needs to show confidence and to express herself. Shari wants McKaylee to win, to get out of Nebraska. The mothers and daughters enter the challenge room with all three judges sitting, Abby says that there’s only one person who knows what it’s like to win Abby’s Dance Competition; Brianna who won last season left them a video telling them that they need to do their best.

McKaylee is asked what her two favorite performances in the competition were; she says that it was her first week with Madonna and her Les Miserable. Kalani liked her rodeo cow girl one and the duet with Gianna called Twisted. Gianna like her zombie solo and her Twisted duet with Kalani; Trinity liked her Medusa performance and her Hip-Hop performance with Jo Jo. Abby wants to know what performance they want to do as an encore performance tonight, Shari says that it’s about making the right choice with this performance. McKaylee choose to do her Les Mis performance, Trinity decides on doing Down and Dirty, Gianna wants to do her Zombie solo and Kalani wants to do her Rhinestone Cowgirl. There’s one twist that they need to know, that at the end of this challenge they won’t be picking a winner, they’ll be choosing who goes home. After the challenge, whoever doesn’t do their best will be sent home.

This challenge means all or nothing; Abby is making them remember on the spot the choreography they did on the spot. McKaylee doesn’t remember her critiques for this number, Gianna looks a little worried; Trinity feels confident in this routine and believes she can do it; Kalani thinks that this is crazy and believes that she will go home if it doesn’t look similar to what she did before. McKaylee goes on stage first to perform I Danced a Dream. Gianna is up next and performs Zombie Dreams, following Gianna is Trinity performing Down n Dirty Diva and last but not least is Kalani performing Rhinestone Cowgirl. Kalani ends up falling on her ass at the end of her performance and Cindy hopes that her being her favorite messed up; Abby believes that Trinity was a bigger disappointment than Kalani. Abby is playing favorites hard with Kalani; all three of them are having a hard time in deciding who to send home. The four girls step out onto the stage in front of the judges, who will make it in the top three; turns out that Gianna and McKaylee will be the first two going to the official final three. Now it’s down to Kalani and Trinity, Abby tells them that they didn’t make the smartest decisions tonight, Abby tells their mothers to join them on the stage.

Abby decides to send home Kalani her most favorite contestant of them all, this is actually extremely shocking that Abby went through with this; Abby even said that she was trying to save her throughout the entire competition, but it was the right decision for her to go. Trinity is save and she didn’t think she would get this far, Tina knows that if Kalani didn’t fall in her performance Trinity would have been sent home. The three girls are going into rehearsal for their group performance, it’ll be based on boxing and all of the other contestants have been brought back. The contestants are happy to see the others again, but Cindy thinks otherwise because now “the bitches are back” the other mothers are there also and she didn’t miss them one bit. Jessalynn is shocked to see that Gianna is in the final three; each is going to have a team of dancers, Trinity has Travis and Tyler. McKaylee gets Ally and Kalani and Gianna is given JoJo and Holley. Jo o thinks that she should have been the final three, and could have replaced one of them but doesn’t know who. Cindy isn’t happy with getting JoJo at all, she would have been happier without her. Gianna is working on all the technical things such as jumping high and being more flexible, Abby wants to see Trinity show her softer side and she wants McKaylee to bring out her personality in the performance. Tessandra the one who’s teaching the choreography wants Gianna to find a relatable experience in her life to help with the performance, Gianna brings up her mother and father getting divorced. Gianna knows she needs to give her solo everything she’s got, and show some stage presence. Abby watches the performance and knows that when she performs she needs to looks at her from head to toe to check technique. Abby asks McKaylee if she knows the lyrics to the song, McKaylee says she’s been trying to ignore that to not lip-sync in her performance; Abby is worried that McKaylee won’t understand the story while performing. McKaylee has a little of a breakdown and walks away from her mom trying to talk to her.

Trinity is dedicating her performance for her grandfather who recently passed away, while Abby is watching Trinity practicing her choreography she tells Trinity to show more grace in her dancing; she wants Trinity to prove the she’s not just a gymnast but a dancer also. Tina finds that her daughter is the underdog and will win this by the skin of her teeth. The two other moms come in and watch Trinity practice and they keep making negative comments about Trinity. One of the mothers gives a toast and says congratulations to the three mothers who have their daughters as the top three, instantly Cindy and the other mothers begin to fight once again. As the mothers are helping their daughters get ready, they’re interrupted by Abby who pays a surprise visit and brings a guest with her Davis Robertson the Artistic Director of the Joffrey Concert Crew of Joffrey Ballet School, turns out that he’s going to be the fourth judge for tonight. Abby says that this is going to be the most important performance of their lives; it then cuts to the past contestants coming in to say hello. Abby knows how hard these girls have been working week after week and knows they deserve to be here. Abby mentions how Trinity is stellar, that Gianna is like a dark course in this competition; and that McKaylee is the most ballet based. Richy wants to see them to dance as themselves and go full throttle all the way. Rachelle wants to see them bring out their full potential, Davis says that technique is key, but that anyone can learn ballet when they enter the school; because he started out as a break dancer himself before he learned ballet. Gianna and Cindy start their bickering. Abby brought a member from the Abby Lee Dance Company Maddie, who’ll be performing Survive. Now Richy gives a performance of his own with eight of his dancers, before we get to see the final three perform. Rachelle comes out to perform her own dance before the competitors perform.

The three finalists get on stage with their moms, turns out that there’s a surprise for them; they’ve been given messages from their hometown from their friends and family. First they play Gianna which shows her family and her mother Cindy talking about how she’s grown and how she should go out there and do what she loves to do. McKaylee receives a video from her father saying to give it her all along with her mother saying the same and being so proud of her. Trinity’s video, it has her mother saying that she’s made her entire family proud of her. Now a group dance will be performed, Gianna, Trinity and McKaylee along with the past competitors are going to give their boxing performance. At the end of it Richy gives the finger wave, Abby says that they all did very well with this performance; she mentions how strong Trinity was throughout it and how Gianna’s performance quality was great. She says that McKaylee’s performance was extremely clean also. Abby says that tonight it’s going to be very tough to choose, Rachelle says that she saw everything she wanted to see, but Gianna could have shown more of a fight. Richy says that it was amazing and that it’s the start of a great night tonight. Davis says he’s a hard critique and mentions that there was problem with all three of them; McKaylee wasn’t on beat with the beat with hip-hop, Trinity was not confident with her ballet and that Gianna can’t settle she needs to bring all that substance with everything. Davis says he still wants to see more from them.

Trinity is up first to perform her solo called Stellar; Tina wants her daughter to just bring it and prove she’s not just a gymnast. Richy says that he saw the Gymnast the dancer and the star; that she danced to the best of her ability. Rachelle says that saving her earlier in the competition was so worth it; Davis didn’t feel she was comfortable in the first half compared to the second half. Abby says that Trinity did a great job, but at the beginning she saw that Trinity was trying to turn out, but that there was more turning in later. In general Trinity did very well, with this and has a good chance with winning. Now it’s Gianna going out to give her last performance in the competition, she’ll be performing Falling. Rachelle says that tonight she saw Gianna’s struggle and pain, that she’s a true performer and went beyond what she saw throughout the competition. Davis says that she put herself out from the beginning to the end and that he was impressed that she stayed on the ground as character even after the performance was finished. Richy says that it was a beautiful performance. Abby says that Gianna learned and applied the corrections, though there were a little bit of things she could tweaked in the performance, she even mentioned that she’s the first contestant to have a physical change in the competition. Gianna feels like she could have done a lot better and she’s upset because of it.

McKaylee comes out to give the final solo performance of the competition; Shari wants her daughter to be confident. McKaylee comes out and performs So Perfect. Abby mentions that McKaylee was lovely in the performance and says that there were a little bit of tumbles too, Richy says that it wasn’t bad, but there was a slight dip that wasn’t right and though the performance was beautiful. Rachelle disagrees with Abby and Richy, she says that McKaylee has beautiful technique and a beautiful face; she’s glad that McKaylee chose not to be safe during the performance. Davis says that he it is his first time seeing her perform and that he would come and see her again. Abby says that McKaylee’s routine had to be worth a $100,000 and that time will tell if it is. Shari believes that McKaylee did her all. The three judges are now deciding on who’s going to win the competition, it looks like it’s going to become a tough decision in the end. The contestants are very nervous about the final decision; they’re waiting to meet their fates. The judges are still arguing who they believe is worthy of becoming Abby’s Ultimate Dancer. They believe that it’s going to be very hard to decide on the winner of this competition, but at the end they make their final decision.

The three contestants go on stage with their mothers; Abby says that this is the day she struggles with; only one person will win $100,000 and a scholarship at Joffrey’s Ballet School at New York. Trinity won’t be winning this competition, Trinity is happy with coming in third in this competition. Abby says that they’re roads will surely cross again sometime in the future, now it’s down to McKaylee and Gianna. Abby says that day one she wasn’t impressed with Gianna, she was tough on Gianna to make sure she improves. Abby says that Cindy is going through a lot, but there’s still a fight to be fought through her daughter. Win or lose Cindy believes that this is all worth it. Abby says that McKaylee was different, she came in with the ballet skills and that her mother is a ballet teacher. Shari is proud of McKaylee as her mom and her teacher; she’s taken on extraordinary challenges throughout the competition. Abby is proud to have the two of them standing there today, but they can only choose one Ultimate dancer. In the end it turns out that McKaylee is Abby’s Ultimate Dancer, she’s completely excited and relieved that all her work has paid off in the end. Gianna is a little upset for not winning, but she’s happy for McKaylee and happy with coming this far. Shari can’t believe it and can’t describe how she feels about it; McKaylee’s father makes a surprise visit to see her. Gianna is happy with her daughter and how much she’s grown. Abby says that it was a difficult decision in the end, but McKaylee was the right choice.