All My Children and One Life to Live Might Be Cancelled – Broadcasting Changes Announced!

All My Children and One Life to Live Might Be Cancelled - Broadcasting Changes Announced!

Soap fans were really on board when Prospect Park told them that it would work hard to bring back both All My Children and One Life to Live. Both shows were axed by ABC in 2011 after extremely long runs on the network. Back then it was believed that the fans were waning and it was time to change their daytime programing. ABC hasn’t exactly done any better with the shows that replaced the soaps and we all figured bringing the shows back to life on the internet would be a huge hit.

After a few weeks online thanks to Hulu, Prospect Park has already changed the way that the shows are broadcast. Instead of a new episode of each, four days a week they’ve cut that in half. All My Children will now air on Monday and Wednesday while One Life to Life will have new episodes drop on Tuesday and Thursday. Apparently the data is showing that even the most diehard of soap fans supposedly doesn’t have an hour a day to invest in the new internet programming.

I find that interesting because when AMC and OLTL were on the air they took up two hours of time each day and back then the fans had no problem watching their shows! I think it’s more like a lot of longtime fans just can’t get behind having to be online to watch their old shows. I originally thought that this format would probably work great and suck in new fans as well. Now I’m not so sure. Do you think daytime will find its place online and after a rocky start it’ll thrive? Are you watching these revived shows at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • I find the end of soaps depressing

    • brebay

      I did too, but I find the new versions even MORE depressing, they’re just terrible!

  • I don’t get this station,I would watch if I did. Give it to us on a regular cable station that’s available to everyone?!

    • brebay

      Hulu Plus is available to everyone, it’s not a station, it’s online & it’s $8 a month.

  • brebay

    It’s because the new versions are terrible. I think the median age of the OLTL cast is now 65 and then you have a few young kids getting naked and drunk. The two story lines are not compatible at all and turns everyone off.


    • Wayne T Bevins

      how can you not keep up with them? They were an hour on tv and 30 minutes on the internet, your not making sense

  • They have 5 year gap and barely ftll in what happened in past 5 years.

  • Andy

    I disagree with Cate. The reason for the programming change is none other than the fact that a large part of the audience was spending hours catching up on weekends and that would have been damaging long term. They were releasing too much material and yes people are watching in the millions. This is a great platform for these shows if you are a fan.

  • I’m watching and so are my friends!!! I love the daily format of each show, they are only about 22 mins each, much less than when it was on live network TV. My heart stopped when I could not find the new daily episodes on hulu plus!! At leadt they could have warned us about the format change!! I’m glad they are back! I just wish more of the original AMC cast was present as well!!!

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