All My Children Reboot: Susan Lucci and David Canary Return

All My Children Reboot: Susan Lucci and David Canary Return

All My Children fans will be absolutely thrilled to learn that two of the shows legendary actors will indeed be returning to the show in its internet reboot. Prospect Park has bought the rights to the ABC Daytime show and intends to produce 30 minute shows that will be available online beginning later this spring. There had been much speculation about whether or not Susan Lucci would be reprising the roll of Erica Kane, a character that she portrayed for 41 years before the soap was canceled in 2011.

It has now been confirmed that La Lucci will be shooting at least one episode of the new AMC with the possibility of more to come in the future. The biggest problem right now appears to be a scheduling conflict. The actress is currently tied to a Mark Cherry show that is in production for Lifetime.  My guess is that as soon as time isn’t a factor she’ll be thrilled to return on a more regular basis.

Also confirmed to return on an ongoing basis is David Canary. The actor portrayed Adam Chandler, a central character since 1983 and I’m sure fans are thrilled to welcome him back. Many of AMC’s most devious and twisted story twists were directly connected to Canary’s character.

All My Children Reboot: Susan Lucci and David Canary Return

Will you check out the show as the internet breathes new life back into some of America’s most long running, well-loved characters?  Do you think that ultimately, all soaps will eventually migrate over to webisodes, leaving traditional television behind? Soaps have some of the most diehard fan bases so it almost is the perfect test audience to see how well this format will really work. If soaps thrive online then it might lead to other revered shows finding new life online.

Do you think Lucci will ultimately sign on for a decent run? Can she really stay away from Erica Kane? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • OMG I use to be a soap star fein. I use to love me some All My Children

  • I think it can work. Lots of people already watch soaps online. I think Lucci would continue playing Erica if the story and timing is right.