Amanda Bynes’ Family Is Concerned For Her

Amanda Bynes' Family Is Concerned For Her

Amanda Bynes has exhibited a lot of strange behaviors in the most recent few months. She has smoked pot in her car, gotten into trouble with the law, lied about that and now she is asking Drake to murder her lady parts.

She tweeted the above photo, showing off the cheek piercings that she has gotten and an altogether new look, per se. She used to appear to be the girl next door and now, she has changed — A LOT!

With all of her most recent troubles, we would be hard-pressed to think that her family wouldn’t be concerned. Of course they are — if they care about her at all…

The Bynes family says that they are ready to intervene and bring Amanda back to Los Angeles from New York if things get too crazy. A source close to the situation said that they are “concerned for her welfare” and want her to move closer to them so they can watch her — and help her, if needed. Another spy said that she refuses to leave New York. It would figure, wouldn’t it?

There is no time like the present! If they are going to intervene, they should do it already! What do you think?

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