Will Amanda Zuckerman Win Big Brother 15?

Amanda Zuckerman Wins Big Brother 15 - CBS and Allison Grodner Rig Outcomes and What We See? (VIDEO)

The controversy on Big Brother season 15 has been on overload, or so it seems with the homophobic/racial slurs, house guests threatening each other and some losing their jobs back home. What has surprised me most is that Amanda Zuckerman has been getting away with murder, well not really actually killing someone, just metaphorically speaking. The women has insulated Puerto Ricans, Asians, African Americans, homosexuals and even threatened to kill Candice – describing it graphically (Check out the video HERE) yet she stays in the house week after the week and the abuse continues.

Back in 2001, when Big Brother 2 aired Justin Sebik was thrown out of the house after he had done a few things that the executives found were intolerable; he put his fists up and threatened to punch another house guest although he did say he was just joking, threatened to throw glass bottles in the air on the basketball court and then the big one, he took a knife to someone’s throat, but he said it was just a joke. Well, Justin’s jokes were not found to be entertaining by Big Brother, they had enough and sent him packing. So why then is Big Brother tolerating so much from Amanda? She has been permitted to humiliate, bully and threaten to graphically kill Candice, yet she is still in the house.

Well some comments on Big Brother sites rumor that Amanda has been pre-determined to win the show and that she is besties with Big Brother Executive Producer Allison Grodner. So, no matter what twists; Pandora’s Box or anything else, the game is allegedly rigged to go in Amanda’s favor so she walks away with the big cash prize.

Amanda Zuckerman Wins Big Brother 15 - CBS and Allison Grodner Rig Outcomes and What We See? (VIDEO)

It is beyond shocking that Big Brother and CBS have not thrown this woman out already and could this actually be the real reason why?

Gossiping Pens reports that a former CBS employee allegedly claims that Amanda in fact pre-determined to win and there is nothing anyone can do about it because of her relationship with the Executive Producer.

What do you think about all this? Do you agree that Amanda should be thrown out of the house and disqualified to win the cash prize? Sound off your comments below and let us know what’s on your mind.

Amanda Zuckerman Wins Big Brother 15 - CBS and Allison Grodner Rig Outcomes and What We See? (VIDEO)

31 responses to “Will Amanda Zuckerman Win Big Brother 15?”

  1. Babs Diorgina says:

    This article is absolutely full of BS with no evidence backing it up. Amanda had a full video on Huffington Post about some of the comments she has made and the fight with Candice made her look like a villain. There is no way to predetermine a winner, they can’t make a house guest not vote her out if they wanted to. Give me a break, this article is trash and someone that wants to whine because they don’t like someone on a reality show.

    And also no one should be removed for comments they make that is the object of the show, 16 strangers forced to live in a house and use strategy against one another. If you want to watch a show where they all sing kumbaya and have no conflicting opinions then go watch another show that’s not a reality competition with opinions people have, no matter how wrong they are, in the real world.

  2. QBcrusher says:

    Freedom of speech…she may be a bitch but she has the right to be that way, as long as she isnt physically hurting anyone…now as for her friend at CBS, that could be true, we just need more evidence like a picture of them together or something. if that happens, I am done with big brother

  3. Linda says:

    Pure and simple Amanda is a bully! She acts like she is so entitled. How I do hope she is voted off. I will throw up in my mouth if she makes it to final 2!!!

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  5. Jennie Philp says:

    Amanda should be thrown off show for her behavior, why are they accepting her behavior??? They backdoored Howard bc he was quiet and they didnt understand him, felt he was sketchy, got rid of Candice bc she fought back, Yet some of the terrible people are still there!!!!! This year BB cast is bad, Aaaryn, GM, Jeremy, Kaitlin. Disgusting!!!!!

  6. Donna9000 says:

    That racists skank should have been sent home, along with the other racists and/or disqualified from playing. ANY contest has rules and usually being friends with anyone connected with the show would disqualify the player. CBS is showing America that it’s okay to make fun of a person race or color, it’s okay to laugh at gays and egg a person on until they can’t take it and they fight back or at least stand up for themselves. I guess the PTB at BB watch the live cams and laugh right along with theses offensive people. If Amanda, McCrae, Ginamarie or Aaryn wins I, along with many others will not be watching next season. We have enough hate in the world, we don’t wish to watch our fave show and put up with that sort of behavior when we do watch BB. We now know that CBS has cheaters and racist working there. Let America know exactly what’s up. If this were any other tv show they would have ALL been sent home.

  7. Andy Sloan says:

    Just drop it, there are laws against rigging a show with a cash prize at the end. Allison Grodner isn’t in jail is she? … that sounded sassy, but you get my point :D

  8. Andrea Garner says:

    YES, they need to get her off the show. If she wins I will never watch c.b.s. again and honestly know many others that feel the same way. I am sure there are many others across the country that feel the same…not just my group of friends….This season has been difficult to take at times watching so many people act so hostile and offensive to others. Amanda is a bully but joking or not her explaining of killing Candice should have resulted in her being kicked off!!!!!!! Who would “joke” like that anyway? She is very twisted and if she win they need to somehow force her to forfeit the money to charity of America’s choice. She has no right to be in that house still….something is very fishy and I believe what I have read about her relationship with Allison Grodner bc how else would she still be allowed to continue on this show?

  9. Andrea Garner says:

    PS its scary that someone who looks to be a beautiful girl on the outside is so disgusting and repulsive on the inside. My boyfriend thought she was so beautiful when he saw her in the first episode yet now that I’ve caught him up with her current actions, he is repulsed. I guess what I’m saying is “men, beware of whom you date” they can be the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever saw. But then they turn out to be mentally unstable.

  10. Dave_Landers says:

    This is Nepotism & favoritism at it’s BE$T!! What’s the point in watching IF Amanda is gonna walk away with the 500K??? IF Amanda DOES win, my fiance and I are through with Big Brother…

  11. Dave_Landers says:

    You KNOW that it’s TRUE,but like the HG’S. you’re AFRAID to admit it…

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  13. amanda allen says:

    Amanda whines and cries to much she is an annoying brat!!!!I hope McCrae dumps her after big brother she needs to grow up! She never wins anything she just bullies people and is rude!! I CNT stand her

  14. Judy says:

    If that hateful bully trashy bitch wins Big Brother this season I promise you I will NEVEREVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN. Amanda is a disgusting human being. And jer and Aaryn and Gina Marie should have been kicked off from the get go. And Allison Grodner shame on you for your hand in this season’s most disgusting boring cast.

  15. Mike Logan says:


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  18. Qwerty1594 says:

    Go back to Sunday 8/25 on the live feeds at about 10:43pm. You will see Amanda buzz to go into the storage room, once in she walks into production asking for allergy medication, this was then quickly cut away to fish.

    Normally all medications are given through the diary room. The door she walked in is the door production uses to enter the house during look downs or to restock the storeroom.

  19. Gloria Brady says:

    CBS is setting a bad example for America’s youth that the only way you can get ahead in life is promote hate and racism. Season 15 has been the worst season ever in BB history. Other contestants have been thrown out for less. Yet they let a person Like Amanda
    stay in the house. Last night after the show I thought I was at a KKK meeting or with a group of Skin heads. I have never heard such hateful talk on a TV show ever. CBS must step in and stop the shows madness They don’t allow the contestant to talk about production
    it must be true Amanda is the winner. They let them speak such hatred about killing someone in there sleep. and talk about all the people they hate.

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  22. Cyndi Terry says:

    The only way for Amanda to win is for the jury to vote for her to win. Are they on the fix also?

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  24. Sari Katzman says:

    So much for the conspiracy theories now. Looks like the “predetermined winner” is going home this week.

  25. Debra says:

    I don’t like Amanda and I don’t condone her strategy but if Evel Dick was not kicked off, there is no reason that Amanda should be kicked off. People that sign up for these shows know things can get rough.

    But if Amanda is not voted out this week, then yes that will be the final evidence for me that this show is rigged. I will not for the first time ever watch BB again. And I hope that more investigation is done and this producer is fired and they have to give every HG half a million dollars. There is no reason for cheating, ever! Who could ever trust CBS after that? No one.

    Amanda is a disgusting person and I would be so humiliated and heart broken if she was my relative or friend.

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  27. Melanie Anderson says:

    I don’t understand how they could have let Amanda enter the big brother if she is friends with the executive producer
    wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest ?

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  29. yougogirl says:

    The women has insulated Puerto Ricans, Asians, African Americans, homosexuals and even threatened to kill Candice –
    Really? INSULATED??? Please.

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