Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Calls African-American Candice Stewart “Monkey” – Reality TV Racism Gone Too Far: N-Word Next?

BIG BROTHER 15 HGs Poolside

There has been no lack of controversy on this 15th season of Big Brother and most of it has been coming from house guest Amanda Zuckerman. There have been so many racial rants made by this house guest that she has basically ridiculed Asians, Latinos, Puerto Ricans, Blacks, autistic and gay people.

Last Friday Amanda went on the attack against house guest Jessie calling her a slut, telling her to go f*ck herself and a whole lot more just because Jessie wanted to get her out of the house.

If that all wasn’t enough, yesterday Amanda continued her bullying against African-American house guest Candice and went so far as referring to her as a “monkey.” There just doesn’t seem to be any boundaries in Candace’s racial bullying. I just keep wondering how much it is going to take for Big Brother to throw this horrid bully out of the house. But then I have to stop an remember, this does make good ratings, doesn’t it?

I can just imagine how the other contestants must feel though, isolated in the house and constantly being verbally abused by Amanda. I feel sorry for them, they shouldn’t have be made to feel like that. Hopefully Candice has Howard’s attitude in that he said to Julie Chen after he left the house, “I chose to take the high road. Let them have that, I’m not going to dip down to their level.”

You can check out the live cam recording below and hear Amanda refer to Candice as monkey; she tries to whisper, maybe she even realizes that she is pushing her racial comments too far, but I doubt it.

Up to now Big Brother has been facing strict criticism for the unbelievable amount of racial slurs this season, but the bigger the controversy, the higher the ratings.



7 responses to “Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Calls African-American Candice Stewart “Monkey” – Reality TV Racism Gone Too Far: N-Word Next?”

  1. Sorry says:

    What a horrible show.

  2. allie says:

    I think racism should be grounds for immediate dismissal. Otherwise it’s being condoned.

  3. This show is getting ridiculous.

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  5. Christina Ellis says:

    I find this cast to be utterly disgusting. That being said, it’s important to do your job as journalists and make sure you aren’t contributing to an already heated issue by posting untrue stories. I understand it can happen but I’d hope you would make it a priority to retract stories previously debunked by reputable sources. Please, if you take yourself seriously at all as a blog, do your own research and provide the readers with trustworthy content that hasn’t just been taken from another site that obviously doesn’t care about the truth.

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