Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Revealed As The Real Racist In Shocking Video

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Revealed As The Real Racist In Shocking Video

The focus on Big Brother 15  in the past few weeks from the media and CBS has been the racial slurs and bullying by Ginamarie and Aaryn, with both of these girls actually losing their jobs back home because of their horrible behaviour on theshow. Well, while all the attention was on these two girls, another was very happily sliding under the radar.

Double Aardvark Media posted a video that proves Amanda Zuckerman’s racial outbursts are by far worse than anything both Ginamarie and Aaryn have ever said.

If you look at the video, you will see that Amanda comes portrays herself as nothing but a hurtful and mean spirited person.She arrogantly insults the producers, fellow contestants, sponsors and the fans by offending so many different groups of people.

If I was a sponsor of Big Brother, I would demand to have Amanda removed from the house or it would be hasta la vista baby for my brand.

I can’t help but sit here and wonder why Amanda is getting away with her behaviour, does she have connections within CBS? Why haven’t they thrown her out already?

I feel most sorry for McCrae who announced this evening that he is engaged to Amanda, is this how he wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman that clearly has no respect for herself let alone anyone else.

What do you think about Amanda’s outrageous behaviour, do you think Big Brother should thrown her out? When is too much, way too much?

16 responses to “Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Revealed As The Real Racist In Shocking Video”

  1. nichol says:

    I am completely disgusted by this person and the other 2. I am also disgusted by the sponsors of this show and the network for allowing this to continue because in doing so they are condoning this bullying.

  2. I am not a fan of her.

  3. Robert Gileppa says:

    I just heard you guys had posted this video and came here to say how
    glad I am for that. Hopefully the exposure of this side to Amanda
    continues to snowball and CBS finally acknowledges it in their episodes. It’s only fair considering.

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  5. Pamela says:

    Horrible, disgusting behaviour.

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  7. Mimi says:

    She has a deal with the producer to win the show so…

  8. willeyume says:

    The entire show should be canceled is CBS that desperate for rating that they condone blatant racism..

  9. Lindalovelee says:

    Can anyone capture flashback video? Amanda refers to Candice as “Monkey” Aug 3 4:26pm Big Brother Time Cam 1, there is so much controversy on if she said it or not. Please video cap the flashback so we can have a real debate. I personally heard her say “Spencer has to go up or the Monkey will not go home.” What did you hear?

    • PANTTERA says:

      OMG for you to assume shes talking about Candi is so telling. You need sensitivity re-programing. They refer to Jess as kong because she climbs up HOHs back to get to the top.

  10. PANTTERA says:

    Candice call AAryn a redneck and that’s just as racist as anything else said. Why you bunch of harping seals want to spend so much energy looking for ways to be offended is cragnaggy. How are you able to function outside of your carriages. To demand people be fired,removed from playing a game of 24/7 real life observation is scary to “get the job done” people. You’re the type people that just destroy and never build. Maybe “The Purge” will remedy this parasitic mindset-)

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  12. MyOpinion says:

    I keep hoping people will see this video. It’s difficult to watch. Poor Candice and Howard never did anything to anyone in that house. Amanda is worse than Aaryn and GM.

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  15. The Truth says:

    I used to love watching this show when it first started. Now I hate even thinking about looking at it. It doesn’t surprise me that CBS and BB producers do nothing to these racist people on this show. The makers of this show probably share the same views as some if these contestants. Why don’t they have a season where there’s more black, or Hispanics on the show than whites. Let’s see how a season like that would go.