American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 9 Review – Spoilers Episode 10 “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 9 Review - Spoilers Episode 10 "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks"

On episode 9 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY called, “Head” we open in Chattahoochee National Forest 1991: A father and his son are camping. Do I hear Alan Jackson playing in the background? The father hands him a gun and explains to his son that their family has been made up of hunters for generations. Obviously this is Hank as a boy and his father, which of course means that they are hunters of witches. His father hands him a silver bullet. Look, I don’t claim to be a expert but aren’t silver bullets used to kill werewolves. They come upon the witch and his father tells him to kill her . Hank is face to face with her when she unleashes a fire spell. Hank hesitates and his father is forced to push him out of the way and kill the witch himself. His father tells him to No Mercy, and Never Forget What They Are. He holds Hank to his chest.

Fiona walks into Laveau’s like she is the cars meow. She tells Laveau they need to talk. Laveau tells her she has nothing to say to hear so she best take her skinny ass out of her salon. Fiona undeterred opens the box and tells her to give what’s in it a wash and set. Laveau is all about conversing with Fiona now. Queenie watches as they head in the back. Fiona has a moment of shock and awe and sits the box with LaLaurie’s head down and heads over to her body, which is still mobile minus it’s head and a hand of course. Laveau makes a crack about how she has six heads up front and Fiona can keep that one. Fiona wants to talk terms. Laveau starts laughing at Fiona assuming she is there to broker a truce. Fiona tells to hell with that I’m here because I want a alliance. Laveau finds this hilarious. LaLaurie tells her she can’t make a deal with a darkie. Fiona stuffs some paper in her mouth to keep her quiet. Fiona shows Laveau part of the bullet they found outside the school. Laveau ask if anyone was shot. Fiona tells her no. Laveau gets a look of disgusts on her face and says to bad. Fiona tells her this is as much her problem as it is hers. Laveau tells her that witch hunters is a white woman’s worry. Fiona tells her she is making a big mistake. Laveau tells her she can live without but isn’t sure if Fiona can, she knows Fiona is wearing a wig and has cancer. Laveau is smug and arrogant to the point that you know its gong to come back on her, it’s just a matter of time. Laveau calls Queenie and tells her to burn LaLaurie’s head outback, that she doesn’t ever want to see it again or Fiona for that matter. Queenie heads outback and Fiona leaves.

Cordelia is in the kitchen attempting to cook. She gets a skillet down and puts it on the stove, she opens the refrigerator and gets out the carton of eggs, she sits it on the counter to get a bowl out of the cabinet and in doing so knocks the eggs into the floor. Cordelia upset yells and then ask that people not move things because some of us are blind. I think she thinks she put the eggs down in one place and somebody moved them. Myrtle comes in to help her. Cordelia tells her she will clean it up it’s her mess. Myrtle tells her she needs to say something, Cordelia looks up for all the good it doesn’t do her. Myrtle wants to know that Cordelia doesn’t blame her for blinding her. Myrtle tells her she has always loved her like a daughter and would never hurt her. Myrtle tells Cordelia to wrap her arms around her and see for herself that she could never hurt her. Cordelia declines Myrtle’s offer and tells she doesn’t need magic to see what she already knows. Cordelia knows her mother set Myrtle up. Cordelia says that her vision is of no use to her know that witch hunters are outside their door. Myrtle tells if she could she would giver Cordelia her eyes. All this talk of eyes is creeping me out.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Georgia Hank is in a building called the Delphi (of course it is) Trust it’s been around since 1826. Hank is sitting and waiting to see someone when he gets up and shakes hands with a man named David. They chit chat about silver bullets and what not. David takes Hank to see his father. His father offers him coffee. Daddy is upset that Hank aligned him self with the Voo Doo Queen instead of taking care of the witches. Hank explains that he has a plan to bring them both down. His father tells him he isn’t to take initiative but instead he is to take orders. His dad tells him not to think he will just end up getting someone killed. Hank tells his dad he is far more capable then his dad thinks, cue flashback of him blowing the red head’s brains out. Which for some reason made me jump. David explains that the company likes making money and Hank better not jeopardize that. His dad wants him back in the witch house. Hank says that’s a problem since somebody blinded Cordelia, that somebody we soon learn was daddy and company. Hank can’t believe his dad disfigured his wife. Hanks dad can’t believe he called Cordelia his wife, his dad wants to know he doesn’t care about her, Hank hesitates. Dad is not pleased and feels the need to remind him of who he is and what the witches are. Hank knows the motto. Dad is pleased, Hank looks lost.

Myrtle has the other two members of the council over for dinner. They want to know all about Misty Day. Myrtle indulges their curiosity by telling then she is a sophisticated witch that was hiding out as a swamp brat. Myrtle puts Misty on a pedestal. They become paralyzed and Myrtle’s plan takes off. Line of the night goes to Myrtle who tells them she isn’t going to kill them,well maybe after dessert, she put a lot of effort into the key lime pie. This lady is unhinged. Myrtle goes off on them for them for burning her at the stake and then pulls herself together. She gets out a melon baller proving she was a huge fan of the last season of Dexter and proceeds to take a eye from each of them for Cordelia. That’s quite a eye popping turn (see what I did there?) Myrtle puts the one brown eye and the one blue eye into Cordelia, she takes the cloth off her face and just like magic Cordelia can see again.

Fiona comes wandering in and hears myrtle and Cordelia talking. Fiona wants to know who let the charcoal briquette back in. Fiona realizes her daughter can see and says sweet Jesus to which Myrtle says he doesn’t get any credit for this it was me all me. Fiona tells Myrtle she isn’t witch enough to pull that off. Myrtle tells her that’s what she thinks. Fiona ask her why she couldn’t find two that matched. Fiona also states that the eyes look familiar. Myrtle tells her the two generous donors would like to remain anonymous, we get a cut scene that involves Myrtle cutting the bodies of the two council members up and then throwing the parts into acid. I wonder if she had some key lime pie first. Fiona and Myrtle argue back and forth until Cordelia has had enough and tells them to stop it. The real danger is outside not inside, she tells them she is tired and she is going to go lay down, she wants them to make sure when the girls get in they stay in. Cordelia hugs Myrtle and doesn’t get a flash, she lost one kind of vision for another.

Madison and Zoe are walking through the hospital. Madison lights up a smoke. Zoe tells her she can’t do that in there. Madison keeps right on smoking. They round a corner and Nan is sitting in a chair outside a room. Zoe tells her it’s time to go Cordelia wants them back at the school. Nan isn’t budging till she sees look. Madison who is wearing the stupidest hat on top of her head can’t believe she has been there all night and still hasn’t seen him. Nan tells them his mother won’t let her. Madison calls bullshit.

Luke is hooked up to machines and in a coma. The girls barge in and his mom flips her wig. Nan tells her Luke said for her to calm down and not to get all crazy like at the lake last summer. Luke’s mom calls Nan a liar and then a lunatic. Madison the lady as always calls Luke’s mom a bitch and then tells her that Nan is clairvoyant. Luke’s mom thinks she is mocking her grief. Madison says they aren’t mocking her grief but are definitely mocking her outfit, Madison tells her to roll with it. Nan talks about time he got hurt when he was eight and his mother sang a song to him. She wants to know how Nan knows. Madison says duh we just told you she is a mind reader, oh and a quick heads up we are witches in case you hadn’t figured it out. Zoe tells Nan she doesn’t deserve their help and to just leave. They get to the door and his mom starts singing a song. Nan turns and starts walking back, his mom keeps singing. His mom hugs Nan.

Queenie comes in carrying bags. LaLaurie wants some nibbles she is hungry, well her head is anyways. Queenie puts the bags down and whips out Roots and tells LaLaurie it’s for sensitivity training and when she does with the forts knew she is going to watch the sequel to Roots. LaLaurie wants to know why she just didn’t throw her head in the fire pit because she is more than ready to die. Queenie tells her she would love to kill her but she isn’t letting her leave this earth without learning about the people she tortured. Queenie also has the Color Purple, Mandingo, and then Queenie’s personal favorite B.A.P.S. Queenie puts in Roots and leaves. LaLaurie starts singing to drowned out the movie.

Hank is eating Chinese when his arm all of a sudden gets thrown down and ripped open and he starts bleeding. He naturally is screaming. Next his thrown from his chair and his head is banged on the floor, then his leg breaks. Some guy bust in and tells him Marie Laveau sends her regards. Hank wants to know what’s happening to him. It’s called Voo Doo and she has a doll with your name on it. Hanks stomach starts bleeding next. His phone rings and the guy answers it and puts down so that Hank can hear Laveau. She tells him they die tonight or the next needle she uses will put a hole through his heart. She wants to know if he understands. Hank assures that he does. The guy leaves him laying there. Hank is breathing hard and looks terrified.

Misty and Cordelia are listening to Stevie Knicks and making something to help protect the girls. They are testing it Ion a dead plant. Cordelia lets Misty say the magic words, and on her second try the flowers are brand new. Hank comes walking in. Hank ask if she can see his heart bleeding. I’m guessing she can’t but give her a few hours and she might. Cordelia kicks him out and tells him she is filing for divorce. Hank goes into the house to get his stuff and runs into Fiona’s new pet, a dog that is willing to rip him to pieces all he needs is permission. Fiona is coming up the stairs to see what is going on. Hank can’t believe she got a dog. Fiona tells him out with the old dog in with the new one. He tells her she doesn’t like animals or any living thing for that matter. Fiona agrees but tells him they needed some protection. Her dog goes to one of the bedrooms and scratches at it. She opens the door and she sees Kyle. The dog goes up to him and starts loving on him. Fiona says a not her boy, Jesus these girls. Kyle says dog. Fiona calls the dog to leave, Kyle is trying to love it back but hugs it to tight and ends up breaking its neck. Fiona looks back in shock.

At the hospital Nan is sitting with Luke. His mom is all nice to her. Nan says Luke is telling her that there is a god and that he is judging his mother for what she did to his father. Nan says Luke says god told him his fathers death was no accident and God showed him what really happened. Apparently his father was going to leave his mother and to prevent him from doing so she killed him….with bees. Back to Nan she tells his mom God said she is going to pay. Luke’s mom gets nasty and yells at Nan to get out. Nan takes off.

Back in his hotel room Hank is getting locked and loaded.

The girls get back and walk much to their surprise and delight they find Kyle playing Fin with Fiona. Zoe ask if she fixed him. Fiona says not completely but he will be ok. Kyle and Zoe exchange a sweet look with each other.

Queenie comes back to find LaLaurie has kept her eyes closed the entire eight hours. Queenie tells her she isn’t surprised and turns on some music for her to listen to because as Queenie reasons she has no hands to cover her ears. Queenie puts on a sweater and leaves again.

Back at Laveau’s it is so about to come back on her. Sure enough Hank comes in guns blazing shooting and killing everyone he can. Queenie gets shot and falls. Hank is still shooting. Queenie gets her hands on a gun puts to her head and pulls the trigger, blood hits the window and Hank falls dead. Queenie is a human Voo Doo doll but even I don’t think she is coming back from this, then again there is Misty. During the shooting sequence you also see LaLaurie listening to the music and she realizes what Queenie was trying to get through to her. She is crying.

Hanks dad is sitting in his office crying, looking at pictures of the crime scene.

Luke wakes up and tells his mother she murdered his dad. She tells him no and to go back to sleep. Luke nods off and his mother suffocates him with a pillow.

Someone is knocking on Fiona’s door. She looks out the window it’s Laveau. She opens the door so she can come in. Fiona looks outside and cracks a little smile right before she shuts the door.

Body count this episode is 5. We’ll have to wait till January eight to see who if any come back.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of the next episode of American Horror Story, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” which airs on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 10 PM EST on FX check out the preview of episode 10 below!

“Fiona attempts to out the new Supreme with a visit from Stevie Nicks. Cordelia learns the truth about Hank and the Witch Hunters. Madison tries to eliminate her competition for the Supremacy.”

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