American Idol’s Candice Glover Getting Personality Training At Mariah Carey’s Suggestion

American Idol's Candice Glover Getting Personality Training At Mariah Carey's Suggestion

Candice Glover is said to be a fan favorite on this season of American Idol, but one area she’s supposedly lacking in is personality! Who knew?!?

Left in the competition are Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller. Last week, the show had a non-elimination night in order for the production to proceed as planned for the mid-May season finale. Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can get caught up here!

Apparently Queen Mimi AKA Mariah Carey thought it would be in Candice’s best interests to have her sent to personality training! She has an excellent vocal talent, but if she doesn’t have the whole package, she will never be our next American Idol, right?

A source revealed, “Candice really has the best voice and the potential to win, but doesn’t have that much personality. So at the urging of Mariah, she has been given a professional personality coach in the last couple of weeks. Mariah is really rooting for her.”

It appears that the special treatment is causing a fuss between the other contestants — along with Mariah’s judging rival Nicki Minaj! The source added, “It’s fueling the contestants. And it’s fueling the ongoing feud between Mariah and Nicki too. Nicki has other ideas of who should win.”

Who do you think is going to end up winning the American Idol crown this season? Stay tuned for our recap of the show later! In the meantime, TELL US who you’re rooting for!

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