American Idol Drug Scandal: Nicki Minaj Smokes Weed In Her Trailer

American Idol Drug Scandal: Nicki Minaj Smokes Weed In Her Trailer

We’ve seen the craziness Nicki Minaj brings to American Idol as a new judge—especially when put in the same room as Mariah Carey! The show’s ratings have been low, and Nicki has found the perfect way to cope! The singer has never been concerned about keeping secrets from her fans, so it should come as no surprise that she was just reprimanded by producer Nigel Lythgoe for smoking weed on set!

Lythgoe received “numerous complaints from cast and crew about marijuana smoke backstage,” reports National Enquirer, print edition February 4, 2013. What could he do but hunt her down? When he found her in her trailer, Lythgoe “sternly laid down the law”  by insisting that Nicki and her “weed-loving” entourage “leave the jolly green loco-sticks at home.”

The group was smoking so much weed, that “pungent ganja clouds” could be seen “billowing from the star’s dressing trailer.” What a visual! Besides the obvious frustration the contestants might feel (initially, before feeling very relaxed!), it’s illegal! Is this how she and Mariah have managed to cut back on catfights? American Idol has been struggling to keep up with other talent shows, and it seems like introducing the risk of performing stoned could be really good for ratings! Can stoned people keep tempo?

What’s currently unclear is how her recreational drug use will affect her contract. A lot of studios will put in clauses about behavior (Lindsay Lohan was only allowed to be transported by the studio provided driver while filming Liz & Dick—no friends, no personal driving, no cabs!) and having a judge who is so indiscreet about drug use won’t bode well! Especially if she is affecting the cast and crew with second hand smoke! Do you believe that Nicki was smoking on set?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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5 responses to “American Idol Drug Scandal: Nicki Minaj Smokes Weed In Her Trailer”

  1. puss says:

    this article is a crock of shit. wtf, she doesn’t smoke least not while shes a work. [expletive] tabloids. who wrote this? get a real job.

  2. George C. Kearley Jr.geo says:

    I say “get rid of her”.

  3. No pic no proof thats all i say

  4. rayaan says:

    Omg nikki minaj smok waaaaaaaw