Mariah Carey is Scared out of her Mind of Nicki Minaj’s Thuggish Ways

Mariah Carey is Scared out of her Mind of Nicki Minaj's Thuggish Ways

Mariah Carey sat down with Barbara Walters for an interview, which aired on Good Morning America, and explained what happened last October during the North Carolina leg of American Idol auditions with Nicki Minaj. The incident was EXCITING too say the least.  The quintessential diva, Mariah, against Her Minajesty, Nicki! Woo, Miss Minaj let her have it.

After video surfaced last year of Nicki Minaj telling Mariah Carey off at American Idol auditions, rumors began to swirl (and were later confirmed by Mimi herself) that Nicki threatened to get a gun and shoot her.  I would say that was a “heat of the moment” kind of threat, but Mariah beefed up security as a precautionary measure.  She tells Barbara Walters that she truly felt threatened and had to think of her little ones first and foremost.  Smart move. Nicki barreled into Mariah during the auditions to which Mimi did not have much ammo to come back at her with (pun intended).  The predominantly one-sided argument would have been perfect if it weren’t for the threat by Nicki.  A little bit of overkill don’t you think, Miss Minaj?  You won the round and things should have ended at the judge’s table.

So, is Mariah Carey still scared of Nicki Minaj and her thuggish ways?  It’s clear that Mariah still harbors some resentment and fear as her extra security team remains in tact.  Though she is world-renowned, Mariah is still pretty sheltered living in her golden penthouse, so it’s no surprise that she feared for her life.  The incident was not enough to get me to watch.  Clearly the producers failed if this was a planned stunt aimed at gaining viewers.

What do you think readers?  Will her Minajesty continue to torment Her Highness, Mariah?  Will Mariah continue to staff a SWAT team as her security detail?  Did they fake it for the show?  Will that video ever get old? Watch the video below. Why do you really think Mariah Carey is scared of Nicki Minaj?

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