American Idol To Replace Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez?

American Idol To Replace Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez?

This season of American Idol has been the worst so far and that is not some big hidden secret. Just ask the powers that be in charge of the production of the hit talent competition. According to reports, the show’s producers want to give the boot to Mariah Carey and recruit Jennifer Lopez to save the show.

J-Lo must be super happy to hear that she is needed on the show in order to revamp ratings. We can’t say that we hate Mariah or her commentary, but she’s the Britney Spears/Steven Tyler of the show. She offers very little insight and is apparently only there because she’s Mariah Carey and feels that everyone should bow down. She barely offers a sentence’s worth of commentary or advice and can’t even bother to stand up for any of the standing ovations that the judges usually give. Maybe she doesn’t have her precious seat lifter so she won’t have to wear out her royal legs doing the work of standing?!?

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Jennifer has already been approached by the good folks over at the show. They think that she’s got what it takes to revive the show this season before someone puts a bullet in it. (Too soon?)

Jen is making an appearance on the show on May 16th in order to perform her new song, but the people in charge at Fox want her for more than just a performance. They want to work hard to bring her back to the judges’ table.

It’s madness to think that they want to replace Mariah with Jennifer Lopez. It’s Nicki Minaj who needs to GTFO. What do you think? Is there any way to save the show this season? Or should they all just stick a fork in it and call it done? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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