America’s Got Talent RECAP 7/16/13: Season 8 “Las Vegas, Night 1”

America’s Got Talent RECAP 7/16/13: Season 8 "Las Vegas, Night 1"

Tonight on NBC their hit reality talent show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT continues and the performers arrive in Vegas to take another shot at AGT’s million-dollar prize.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show the judges continued to scour the country in search of America’s most talented performers in the last of the auditions before Las Vegas.  We got to meet seventh-generation circus performer John Nock and his family.  They presented the Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show and they were described as, “group act using giant helium balloons to present aerial performance, and the only act of its kind in the United States.”  They were amazing!

On tonight’s show acts compete in Las Vegas for a spot in the live performance shows.  Celebrity judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern narrow down the competition at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The acts that made it through the first round of auditions must again perform for the chance to compete for America in the live shows. Nick Cannon hosts this variety competition series which features a colorful array of hopeful future stars as they compete for a chance to win a $1 million prize and become the most talented act in America.

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 7 at 9PM EST . . . so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the two hour show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know how much are you enjoying AGT Season 8.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

It is Las Vegas week baby and the show begins with various acts headed to Vegas to try to make it through to Radio City Music Hall. After the montage and various sound bites from the acts are done Nick Canon take time to chat with the room full of hopefuls. Wishing them all good luck as the 100 acts have to be cut down to 60 acts that will go on to the live show.

The judges sit at a table and discuss what lies ahead of them, sending people home, putting them directly through to Radio City or requesting another chance to watch them live in Vegas. They put the acts up on the screen and begin discuss who fits into what category. There is a lot of short footage and clips of the judges talking., as well as different acts talking about this being their dream. The judges have lots of disagreements. Finally the judges make their decisions and ask to see some of the acts on stage. The group that is called to stage is asked to come back again to perform. It is quite a large group.

After that announcement the remaining acts are told who is going straight to Radio City and who is going home. In different stages acts are called in to learn from the judges if they are going home or going straight to Radio City. Clips of acts rejoicing and clips of acts crying as the judges give them their fate plays out until it appears that all acts have been told their fate. Obviously it moves along quickly so the names of all acts are not shared just faces. In the end 30 acts were sent straight to Radio City, leaving 30 spots open for the acts performing in Vegas to show what they have.

Finally it is performance day and all acts have been divided into categories so that the judges can compare all the similar acts at the same time. The danger acts are the first to hit the stage with David Ferman kicking things off by juggling 5000 volt stun guns while on a six foot unicycle, while a ring of stun guns surrounds him. If he falls e will go into the ring of stun guns. It is his first time doing the act. He pulls off the act but judges don’t seem overly impressed. Next up is Brad Byers who puts out a blow torch on his tongue then puts a hook through his nose and in his mouth, then pulls two people on a cart with it. The judges are impressed yet grossed out at the same time. Following Brad is Alexandr Magala who swallows a sword then does pole tricks with the sword in his mouth. His act is very intense and keeps the judges on the edge of their seats, especially when he hangs off the pole with his legs only and slides almost to the bottom of the pole face first. It was very dangerous and crazy.

The lucky act to follow that is Sam Johnson who pours gasoline all over his hat, then lights the hat on fire, then pours the gasoline on his head and put the hat that is on fire on his head. He then walks a tight rope as the hat burns and begins to juggle fire as well. His head gets burned a little bit. The guy is crazy and the act is intense. Rong Niu aka Red Panda is last to perform for the judges. She rides a unicycle with a planter’s pot on her head. Then using her hands she puts three bowls on her foot, then kicks them up to land on her head. But one of them does not make it and breaks. She moves on to five bowls that when flipped all land in the planter pot.

After the danger acts are done the music acts are set to get the stage rockin. A tenner group, with a new member, called Forte gets the music part started. Even with the new guy in the group the trio proves they have amazing voices. Next up is the brother sister duo of Brandon and Savannah who blow the judges away with their cover song of Lyegue by Benji Hughes. Following the brother and sister act is a rock n roll band made up of combat veterans called American Hitman. They have talent and the judges seem to be impressed.

The music acts are done and it is time to move on to the variety acts, starting with the kids category. The first kids to take the stage are 2Unique, who is a DJ and rapper act that do a rendition of Party In The USA. Next up is Lil Demon he does a performance all on his hands, ie handstand and break dance moves. Immediately after is Melody Caballerowho does acrobats on two sticks on a table. She has a little trouble with the sticks. D’Angelo and Amanda are also kid ballroom dancers who strut their stuff to Moves Like Jaggar. They are amazing. Ruby and Jonas, who is D’Angelo’s sister are also kid ballroom dancers, they do a more classical dance but are still really good that is until Jonas has a little fall/mishap.

Now that variety acts are done it is time to see what the comedians have to bring to the competition. Jimmy Failla is the first man to so his routine, which is very rushed and not funny at all. Next up is Eric Schwartz a Jewish guy who loves hip hop, that is the basis of this stand up, which gets more laughs than Jimmy’s did but is still not great. Then we see Taylor Williamson, who gets laughs right off the bat even before he begins his routine. He connects very well with the judges. Rounding out the category is John Wing, who has been trying his hand at stand up for awhile. His act is different then the rest but gets some good laughs from the judges.

Dance category is next and the competition is fierce in this area. Starting it off is the Archbishop Molloy, which is a step team. The all guy group puts on quite the performance. Following them is Hype who tell a story as they perform a killer routine. Next up is the group Art Spark who gives a very electric and rhythmic performance that leaves the judges with mixed reviews. After the groups come the solo dancers beginning with Kid the Wiz who performs a fun and unique dance but messes up in the middle, which could cost him. Rounding out the dance category is Dylan Wilson, who learned all his dance moves from the internet. He starts off by taking off his shirt displaying a T-shirt with Howie’s picture on it and NYC written on his abs, he is good but not great.

The next category to perform for the judges is acrobats and has a wide variety of performers starting with Tavi and Antonio. The duo was a pole acrobatic performance that is dull and has some mistakes. Net up is Brandon Rosario who also goes acrobatics on a pole, his routine is ok but nothing spectacular. Following that is a duo called Duo Resonance who perform acrobatic tricks using each others bodies, no it is not dirty it actually really cool. The judges seem very impressed the guy and girl act. Timber Brown is up next as a solo act who performs in a cowboy hat as he does his acrobatic routine on a pole, to country music. He is has neat tricks that seem to impress the judges. Last up is the fun act of Stephon and Kristopher, who both come from an acrobatic family. Their routine is very different from the others as is their very good act. They bring the fun that is for sure and they are talented.

Final category of the night is female singers beginning with Diana DellaCioppa who experiences technically difficulties with her music and ends up leaving the stage. Next up is young Skilyr Hicks who plays guitar and sings. She rushes through the song but has a great voice. Next up is Selena Mykenzie Gordon who is amazing, she has a powerful voice but gets very little reaction from the judges. Carrie Bradley, she has a beautiful voice sings at the piano with a very Adele like voice. Finally Diana is back on stage without technical difficulty. She gives it her all but her nerves got the best of her.

Vegas Week continues tomorrow night so be sure to tune in at 8PM EST to find out who is headed to Radio City.