America’s Got Talent RECAP 9/17/13: Season 8 “Finals, Week 2”

America’s Got Talent RECAP 9/17/13: Season 8 “Finals, Week 2”

Tonight on NBC their hit reality talent show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT continues and on tonight’s show The six finalists battle it out for AGT’s million-dollar prize.   Did you watch last night’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show the votes were in and six acts from the previous night’s performance show move on to the final round of the competition at the legendary Radio City Music Hall.  The six finalists performing on who made it through are: Cami Bradley, Collins Key, Forte, Jimmy Rose, Kenichi Ebina and Taylor Williamson.  Performing on last week’s episode was two of “AGT’s” most popular winners, Terry Fator and Olate Dogs.

On tonight’s show the top six finalists compete one last time live at the legendary Radio City Music Hall for the chance to win one million dollars and be named the most talented act in America.   Tonight’s show will feature a dynamic lineup of guest performances including Luke Bryan, Josh Groban, Il Divo featuring Heather Headley, Icona Pop and the Rockettes.

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent . . . so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the one hour show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know how much are you enjoying AGT Season 8 and the live rounds.

RECAP: Each finalist will be doing two acts tonight, one act improving an old one in the past and the second being completely new.

First up is Jimmy Rose singing the song from his very first audition, he never imagined he would ever get this far into the competition; he’s glad that fans have supported him so much. He believes the song hits close to home and hopes America loves it.

Mel B says that she wasn’t a fan in the beginning but turned it around for her, she loves his voice. Howie says he believes America is voting for him but tonight he’s against the top 6 who are amazing people. Howard says he’s been waiting a long time for Jimmy to do this; Jimmy wrote this song and Howard loves his original music because it means something. Heidi says that she thinks America fell in love with him from the start and he has the talent to back it up.

Next up is Kenichi Ebina with a twist on his very first act in his audition; it’s very simple but he wants it to look much better than his performance and hopes everyone likes it.

Howie says that he’s truly amazing and brilliant; he says that he really made what he did at first so much better and that there is nobody better than him and hopes America votes for him since he deserves to win. Howard says what’s so great tonight is that he has gotten much better over time with his act, he believes that Kenichi is a superstar and deserves to win. Heidi says it’s her most favorite act of the season, it’s just amazing and loves him. Mel B says that she is so glad they got to see it again live and that he’s a genius; she believes America has to vote for him and that he deserves to win it.

Next up is Cami Bradley her favorite performance was her quarter finals singing Believe by Cher; she couldn’t believe how the judges took it. It was an incredible feeling and she will never forget that moment; she wants the performance to be a memory that sticks with her forever.

Howard says that she’s making a jerk out of him; he now thinks she should win and can’t believe the talent they have found this season. He calls her a superstar. Heidi says that she is so proud of Cami and how much emotion she puts into it, she puts tears into peoples eyes. Mel B says that she is a class act; she could listen to her voice all day. Howie says that he assumes people always vote for singers more and he believes that she is the most unique sound on the show.

Next up is Collins Key and he’ll be changing up his very first audition; he believes magic takes years to perfect only one trick and after that it’s something you want nobody to figure out. He’s going to make a very intimate and magical performance.

Heidi says that when it was that close and is shocked and can’t figure it out. Howie says that he’s amazed and trying to figure it out and has no idea when the trick started; he calls him the master of confusion. Howard says he’s a fan of his close up magic much more and nervous if America can really get how amazing he is; he believes Collins has a great future. Mel B says it was one of his best performance, it was fast and in general a great act.

Next up is Forte with a remix of their Vegas performance, they are happy to do this song again in front of a live audience. It’s a song that Josh holds close to him, Josh Grobin brought him on stage to sing it and it’s what helped Forte become what it is.

Mel B says that it was wow and that she is now a big lover for opera. Howie says that he didn’t stand because he just thought they do this song with a choir and instruments; it was brilliant. Howard says he’s overwhelmed by this evenings performances tonight, he believes that Forte was going to be the winner at first but as it goes on the talent just shines with everyone and he is so lost. Heidi says she is a huge fan and would buy their CD.

Next up is Taylor Williamson and is back with a routine that brought him into the top 12, he is so confused on what to do having to perform the same jokes again and he can’t do that.

Howie says that this is exactly what he was talking about, he can’t believe that he did something so original with the same material again; he used the moment and it was so funny. Howard says that what he did was so difficult but his character is what nails the jokes perfectly. Heidi says that she didn’t like his material at first but is amazed at how far he’s gone. Mel B says that Taylor is very very funny and loves how awkward he is.

First up with a new performance is Cami Bradley and she can’t believe she ever got to the stage; she’s shocked to be in the finals. The competition is giving her more confidence in herself, winning this competition would mean everything to her.

Howard says that tonight is the night they see Cami’s journey, he loved how confident she looked tonight and sees how she’s developed such a great confidence. Heidi says that her voice never disappoints and her song choices are amazing. Mel B says that it was flawless. Howie says that there is no singer like her and she sounds like a star and only wanted to hold her hand.

Next up with a brand new performance is Collins Key, he could not believe that he made it through and didn’t expect getting through the first round. He says it’s so amazing being recognized on the streets and can’t believe it’s happened; he thought it could only be a dream.

Mel B says she has no idea how he does it, she is just so amazed. Howie says it was really good and thinks Collins is getting better and better; it was a clear and precise performance. Howard says Collins really made himself proud tonight. Heidi says she likes how he doesn’t use old school magic but very current; kind of like the next generation of magic.

Next up to perform their brand new act is Jimmy Rose, he is amazed that he’s gotten the opportunity to take the step from being a dreamer; the words of encouragement from Howard really motivates him to take it to the next level. He says if you never take chances in life you will never know the outcome.

Mel B says that he’s a great performer and wants to hear his voice on the radio and would buy his album. Howie says that it’s interesting and believed some dynamics were missing; he sung it well but preferred Garth Brooks a lot better. Howard says that Mel is right about him being a good guy, but it wasn’t a knock out punch. Heidi says that it is a thought night with such awesome talent and says that he always gives America what they want to hear.

Next up with a brand new performance is Taylor Williamson; he honestly thought he would not go through. His mom calls him and tells her to stop calling but to pay his phone bill. William had no confidence when he performed at first, he thought nobody would like him; he just can’t believe that his long 10 year struggle was not a waste of time.

Heidi says that when she first met him she was smitten with his looks but he’s really grew on him and believes he is really funny. Mel B says that he is just spot on funny, she can’t explain it anymore. Howie says that he is brilliant and that he delivered amazingly; he’s great and deserves the votes. Howard says he deserves a shot and in past seasons most comedians got overlooked but this year it should change; he believes he deserves to go through.

Up next with a brand new performance is Kenichi Ebina, he never thought that he would have ever made the finals. His daughter was really proud of him and feels great; he loves performing and loves the reaction from the judges. It gives him so much enouragement and hopes people love his final performances; he’s made it more complicated and wants to go back to his family as a winner.

Mel B says that she thinks he’s amazing but the performance was a little off this time; he’s talented but it didn’t blow her away like he did every other time. Heidi says that she thinks his creativity is limitless and that he’s a superstar; she is impressed and would honestly vote for him. Howard says that Mel B is ridiculous and believes that he’s weirdly attracted to him as a blonde in a dress; Kenichi creates everything he does and that he deserves to win America’s Got Talent calling it a celebration of Kenichi tonight. Howie says that it’s so unfair with how much talent he has compared to everyone else and really wants Kenichi to win and wants the viewers to vote for him instead of the singers.

Next up is Forte and all the rejection they had in life brought them together to perform for the world; they say that being told you’re good after so much doubt on them feels incredibly amazing and they tell every singer who has been rejected to never let go of their dream.

Heidi says wow and personally loved the song but the three of them gave it justice and it was beautiful. Mel B says that it was an amazing way to end the show, it was so breath taking; they are like professionals. Howie says that they delivered a brilliant song. Howard says that they are so good and that they harmonize perfectly; they are terrific.