America’s Got Talent Top 12 Selected!

America's Got Talent Top 12 Selected!

America’s Got Talent has gone through one of its more rigorous and emotional elimination rounds, and it’s finally down to the top 12. There were tears, screams, shouts, laughter, and lots of sadness & happiness when dreams died on the stage last night.

The last semifinal round took place to a thundering audience, who roared in approval when 11 year-old Anna Christine gave her performance – she also ended up receiving a standing ovation. Kenichi Ebina, who also gave a phenomenal dance performance, received raves from the judges, with Howie Mandel calling her ‘the biggest talent in the world‘.

The final twelve left standing are Brendan James [singing], D’Angelo [dancing], Amanda [dancing], Kenichi Ebina [dancing], Jimmy Rose [singing], KriStef Brothers [strength team], Forte [opera trio], Collins Key [magician], Cami Bradley [singer], Catapult Entertainment [shadow dancers], and Chicago Boyz [acrobat team].

Generally speaking, most of the finalists do end up being either singers or dancers, so this lineup isn’t out of the ordinary. However, I’m glad both the audiences and judges are giving other types of acts the chance to win – and we’ll have to see if the strength team, acrobat team, the magician, or shadow dancers will live up to their promise.

What do you guys think about the winners? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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