Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: Hollywood’s Next Power Couple?

Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: Hollywood’s Next Power Couple?

What happens when two media moguls find themselves single at exactly the same time? Well, it probably just gives them one more thing to bond over.  Now that the word is out about Ryan Seacrest splitting from Julianne Hough speculation is rampant as to what really happened.  Supposedly their busy schedules are the main reason for them parting ways. It’s rumored that Jules simply couldn’t handle being the second priority in Ryan’s life anymore and so it was easier to just end things now.  She has been out and about, looking pretty happy, maybe even relieved to be going it alone.

Ryan is one of the hardest working guys in Hollywood and he is totally respected for that solid work ethic. He still hosts American Idol, has his radio show and produces a multitude of programming over at E!  In other words he’s a busy guy. He also is tight with another well respected, busy guy – Anderson Cooper. “The Silver Fox”, as he is known is another work-a-holic that is finding his way through his private life after splitting from boyfriend, Ben Maisani.  Anderson is openly gay and Ryan has been the subject of rumors for years. When he first hooked up with Jules people were shocked because, well, everyone kind of thought he quietly preferred the company of men.

It makes sense that Ryan and Anderson could be tight right now, as their lives are in somewhat similar places, but of course one link publicly and the rumors begin again. Do you think that something more than a friendship could be up here? Was Ryan head over heels for Julianne and has this split left him hurting? Tell us your thoughts on the subject in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: Hollywood’s Next Power Couple?”

  1. rabenatz says:

    What is this? Cooper’s boyfriend Benjamin was with him during CNN’s new year show and sat right next to him at the GLAAD Awards last weekend. In his acceptance speech Cooper said he was thankful for the ability to share love with the people in his life. His family, friends and his partner Benjamin.

    Gee, can you people not even get stupid gossip right?

  2. cabler says:

    Anderson hasn’t split with Benjamin Maisani, in fact they were together at the GLAAD awards this past Saturday and Anderson acknowledged Benjamin as his partner in his acceptance speech, it’s been all over the news.

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  4. Babson_Chick says:

    Who makes this crap up???

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