Wedding Canceled: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Cheating!

Wedding Canceled: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Cheating!

What is this? Huh? Is this the year for awkward cheating in La-La Land? We reported right here on Celeb Dirty Laundry that Anderson Cooper was getting married to his partner, Ben Maisani, but now it seems that the planned wedding might be a thing of the past, because naughty Ben was caught kissing a man in Grand Central Park, NYC.

Anderson Cooper, the silver-haired CNN prodigy, has been living with Maisani for a while. Cooper opened up about his sexuality in a recent “declaration” and the blogosphere was abuzz with his statement. Maisani’s website went semi-viral. His own website, yes, because being in a relationship with Anderson Cooper makes for celeb status and awkward Village People poses.

The Daily Mail posted images of Maisani kissing an “unidentified” brunette in NYC and quicker than Kristen Stewart at a Unfaithful Anonymous meeting, the internet exploded in a flurry of rampant rumours and finger pointing. We bet Cooper is crying in the sun while Robert Pattinson pats him on the back and says, “Do not worry mate, things will be bloody well fine again!” Maisani and Cooper were planning to get married as soon as Labor Day, in a lavish New York wedding ceremony.

The cake is spoiled, the tuxedos are torn and Maisani’s website is as scary as ever. This is like an episode of CSI, mixed with the horror of cheating and tears. Our imagination is overflowing with high definition CGI images of the camera entering Cooper’s chest and his heart cracking open like a chocolate biscuit at a fat camp. The evidence has been presented in high-tech media labs and the U.B.O (Unidentified Brunette Object) has been plastered over the walls of gossip blogs like a Loch Ness sighting.

Our hearts are popping open in festive sadness for Cooper. The poor man finally achieved a career pinnacle with his own show and handled his coming-out in a classy and subdued way. Unfortunately, once everything falls into place, a brunette in a park usually urinates on one’s little corner of sunshine.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this cheating scandal. Is this as bad as Kristen Stewart?

4 responses to “Wedding Canceled: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Cheating!”

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  2. Shocked Rebel says:

    These men are nasty really nasty. What can a man get from another man. Anderson you are really nasty shame on you. Nasty nasty. This is so sick. Two men getting married sick sick sick.

    • eric says:

      Man to man sex is old as man itself.Not just sex but emotional bonds you obviously cannot understand.Science has proven that homosexuality is not a mental illness….if it’s not for you, don’t judge. 56% of homophobic men have thought about sex with men and women, well, look how many beautiful ,intelligent men are into men.
      ~The marriage thing is pathetic.There I agree.As a Man4Man, I value my freedom from any silly vows, it’s pathetic .

  3. 1MadKat says:

    I am so sorry Anderson. Don’t take him back. You are worthy of much more and your heart will heal.