Kristen Stewart Breaks Down In Public After The Affair (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Breaks Down In Public After The Affair (Photos) 0808

New photos emerged of Kristen Stewart freaking out on her Cali director, Nick Cassavetes, just a day after she cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Take a look at them below. She’s an animated little thing isn’t she?

And since we have no idea what they were talking about we’ll just have to play the photo assumption game and guess what had Kristen so hot and bothered on that particular day. Could she have been confiding in Nick over the affair and didn’t like what he had to say? Could she just have been in a testy mood because her conscience was ragging on her? Or did she just really not feel like working out? I can empathize with her there. I’m usually in a HORRIBLE mood right before I work out but then I’m blissfully happy and smug with my stellar motivation and hard work afterwards. I’m sensing this wasn’t the case with Kristen. However, I think the most logical question that can be asked after checking out these pictures is what is she pointing out down her pants? Something’s bothering her down there!

And don’t get all high and mighty with me and tell me to lay off Kristen. I’m not on Kristen. These pics would be news even if she hadn’t banged her director in an abandoned parking lot the day before they were taken. An interesting altercation is going on. She’s all riled up about something. Even if it has nothing to do with Rob, there’s tension there and perhaps these pics give us some added insight into where her head was at the time of the affair since she hadn’t even been caught yet. And it’s not like she and Nick were caught hugging and laughing after Kristen took her finger out of his face. They just walked into the gym together. Kristen never appears particularly graceful or stoic to me but she looks especially frazzled here which either adds to the mystery of the cheating or it doesn’t. You be the judge.

I’m actually more intrigued by the fact she brought her gym clothes in a backpack. Why didn’t she wear her gym clothes and bring the change of clothes in the backpack? That would be more logical to me. I like her Nike shoes though. They’re pretty bad ass.

Do you think anything can be deduced from these images or is this just how Kristen normally acts?

Photo Credit: FAMEFLYNET