Kristen Stewart Breaks Down In Public After The Affair (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Breaks Down In Public After The Affair (Photos) 0808

New photos emerged of Kristen Stewart freaking out on her Cali director, Nick Cassavetes, just a day after she cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Take a look at them below. She’s an animated little thing isn’t she?

And since we have no idea what they were talking about we’ll just have to play the photo assumption game and guess what had Kristen so hot and bothered on that particular day. Could she have been confiding in Nick over the affair and didn’t like what he had to say? Could she just have been in a testy mood because her conscience was ragging on her? Or did she just really not feel like working out? I can empathize with her there. I’m usually in a HORRIBLE mood right before I work out but then I’m blissfully happy and smug with my stellar motivation and hard work afterwards. I’m sensing this wasn’t the case with Kristen. However, I think the most logical question that can be asked after checking out these pictures is what is she pointing out down her pants? Something’s bothering her down there!

And don’t get all high and mighty with me and tell me to lay off Kristen. I’m not on Kristen. These pics would be news even if she hadn’t banged her director in an abandoned parking lot the day before they were taken. An interesting altercation is going on. She’s all riled up about something. Even if it has nothing to do with Rob, there’s tension there and perhaps these pics give us some added insight into where her head was at the time of the affair since she hadn’t even been caught yet. And it’s not like she and Nick were caught hugging and laughing after Kristen took her finger out of his face. They just walked into the gym together. Kristen never appears particularly graceful or stoic to me but she looks especially frazzled here which either adds to the mystery of the cheating or it doesn’t. You be the judge.

I’m actually more intrigued by the fact she brought her gym clothes in a backpack. Why didn’t she wear her gym clothes and bring the change of clothes in the backpack? That would be more logical to me. I like her Nike shoes though. They’re pretty bad ass.

Do you think anything can be deduced from these images or is this just how Kristen normally acts?

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47 responses to “Kristen Stewart Breaks Down In Public After The Affair (Photos)”

  1. joblo says:

    Could she just have been in a testy mood because her conscious was ragging on her?”

    Conscience, not conscious: Spellcheck doesn’t work when you use the wrong word spelled correctly.

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  3. Alterego says:

    Thats actually Nick Cassavates, the director of her next movie “Cali “. Not her trainer as you’ve mentioned in the article.

  4. Tufenuf55 says:

    If you look at all the photos, it seems she is telling him or showing him what she said to the paps or from a scene she will play.  She is absolutely not mad at him.  Stop the DRAMA!

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  6. vaporware says:

    This image sums it up fairly well.

    • Grown Up says:

      The problem with sitting on your high horse is when you get knocked off. People make mistakes. We forgive others for their mistakes because we want to be forgiven for ours. You’ll learn the truth of that as you get older.

      • I'm a grown up too says:

        Would you be so forgiving if it were your family in tatters? There are “mistakes” and then there are thoughtless, hurtful actions.

        • realitynow says:

          The responsibility of the family in tatters belongs to the father and husband who risked everything and hurting his family for his selfish desires. When it comes to his family, that’s his doing, nobody else can be held responsible for what he did.

        • She wasn’t the only one involved! Where is his responsibility? Why did this lecherous man go after her? What did he do or say that enticed her to do this? Until you are in her shoes, you can’t say you would have chosen differently. People do things they can’t believe they themselves have done. You have never surprised yourself? Read Dianetics! God!

  7. Bikertami says:

    I feel that at the age of 22 and all the resposiabiliies that come with it are by far hard enough for the average person. Imagine the pressures of her day to day life. Yes she made a mistake and may of handle it wrong but what of the responsibities of the older man who by far new better.
    And you can bet your bottom dollar it wasn”t the first time. It was just the first time he got caught. Do you see him standing behind her and trying to help her make amends! NOOO! He’s looking out for numer 1. We all make mistakes and not one of us can say we haven’t but who are we to judge and 22 year old girl who obiviously needs help to figure out why she went the way she did. Don’t be so hard on her or patterson they are very young and have a long way of lifes lessons. I wish the best for both of them and hope that the people they surround themseleves with will help guide them with good intent. Not gainfule instent.

    • Not to mention that he said, “Kristen was the worst mistake of my life!” That put everything on her, insinuating she approached him and lead him on. OH MY, What’s a guy (not man) to do? Ignore is own desires? Pffff! Yeah, right. Just blame her and the guy will be fine, everyone knows guys can’t resist a beautiful woman, even when he’s married to one!

  8. Seen these before. She’s being deeply sarcastic. This is one in a series of shots. Next few photos reveal this as she beaks into laughter. The guys face supports this as well. 


  9. Pinkpanthr05 says:

    Actually, these pictures are about TWO WEEKS old. You can check any Kristen Stewart website. Nice try though.

  10. PTK says:

    Holy crap…ole’ stroke face is actually capable of emoting? 

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  14. Just an idea says:

    Maybe she was practicing a part…..

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  16. WhipsmartMcCoy says:

    How about we all [expletive] off and leave that young woman alone?

  17. Powell says:

    She was probably having an affair with him too.

  18. all you people need to leave this woman alone!!! none of you kn.ow exactly what happened between her and the OLDER man. so they kissed and she admitted to that. did she in fact admit to having sex with him NO all you are going on is what the press is tellling you or writing about her. People wake up the press LIES and makes things up just so you will read their stories. why isnt he getting any blame in this situation? afterall he was Married! and had kids! Kristin was not married! She does not have kids. This has been one sided all the way which is totally wrong. Stop judging only her it takes two to tango.

    • Jan says:

      You really believe they didn’t have sex? Wow. Also, the saying “it takes two to tango” means they’re both guilty (which they are).

  19. HAJ says:

    These pictures are over a month old….

  20. himara says:

    i knew frm the beginning that she ws nuts :p

  21. me says:

    i dunno. Looks to me like they are joking around and then she’s showing him … a tattoo maybe?

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  23. Almalphya says:

    one thought on what she’s pointing at….”hey look at these sores you gave me!” Or …”i got a tatto of your name!”

  24. realitynow says:

    This was her and Nick goofing around as a joke because the paps stalk her every minute so they decided to entertain them. There are also pictures of them laughing after but the tabs don’t want to show those ones because they show they were just kidding around. It doesn’t fit with the tabs continuous fictional stories about Kristen.

    Proof of how bad it is was was captured in a video last winter in Europe, during a severe cold spell, Kristen was doing a photoshoot and saw some girls waiting outside. So she stopped the shoot to go see the girls. And she was so appreciative and happy, thanking them, took photos, signed stuff and the girls were thrilled. When Kris had o go back inside she told them to please go home where it’s warm and “not to freeze to death because of her”

    Well the paps weren’t happy Kris just paid attention to her fans. So the story that came out was that Kristen gave the paps the finger and told them she “hoped they froze to death”. There was no mention of her going out and spending time with her fans. Just included a photo of Kris giving the finger and making a funny face to someone inside the photo shoot just goofing around. There’s a video on You Tube that caught all of this. You can see for yourself what Kristen is really like and how she treats her fans. But instead they make up a terrible lie. Why even bother? Because they make money and sell magazines by making her look like an ungrateful, rude, awful person. If she gives the paps the finger, it’s because they earned it. They’re not nice. (and good people can make mistakes for anyone about to give the Rupert story. Part of that was a lie too. They got 3 pics of them kissing. If they were making out for hours all over there’d be 300 photos. And no video? Give me a break. But the video would tell the whole story, you think that would be sold for big $. But no. So they must not want us to see or know certain things. Maybe it makes Rupert look very bad. It’s all too weird)

  25. Uguysrdumb says:

    Leave the whore alone! Seriously quit sticking up for this dried of lump of dog crap. All of you stuck in your media induced comas. Shes a low life cheating b**** and the only reason half of you haven’t condemned her is because shes a star. Yeah, thats right, your the typical POS that judges how a person should be treated on their “movie star status”.

  26. She has a bad burn on her stomach.

  27. How about that’s Nick Cassavates, the director of Cali and she just told him she’s not doing the movie? Your article is so snide and smug. I didn’t appreciate your tone at all. The way you bait people is really horrible and I know you can do better to get people to read your columns. If you can’t leave her alone, then please stop referring to
    “Cheating” and “SWATH director Rupert Sanders” or any other
    comments that rehash the situation. You no longer need to link to the photos
    either. We’ve all seen them. We all know what happened and you are smart enough
    to give a report without all the hoopla. Come on, reporters, are you ever going
    to let her live it down? Have some compassion for her and us! She deserves a
    life and career. Stop trying to destroy her more than she already is! Please!
    Let it die already! For once, I would like to see the media give a story about
    her and all involved without the scandal. I know you can do better than this to
    get attention. You are intelligent reporters. Turn this around to something
    positive, for all of us! I also know most people would agree.

  28. ally says:

    Celebrity, Tabloid Journalism is far fetched but you have to be kidding me. Pretty obvious that Kristen Stewart isn’t “breaking” down in public. She is having a conversation with her director and probably he is giving her notes on a scene. DOWN WITH BAD JOURNALISM

  29. Kate Isamilf says:

    The real Kristen Stewart — ugly and angry and pointing a finger at everyone but herself.

  30. Eric Walker says:

    who knew this bitch had an expression besides ‘bored, constipated cunt’?

  31. Dickfuck says:

    If kristen is reading this leave her alone haters will always be haters! Foff of her business i don’t give shit what peo think of her her!

  32. Mya says:

    Look at it in a mature and wider comprehension… i know cheating is a sin. but Why all the blame is on KStew, that fucking 40 year old Rupert is the ONE to blame. He corrupted KStews’ mind.

  33. Diana Beall says:

    Well, Kristen may be 22, but, not a child, and it does take two to tango. I wonder if she expected that it wouldn’t become public about her cheap affair! My gosh, she cheated on Rob, let the scandals roll, I say. Rob may not be perfect, but if she was going to cheat on him, she could have been a little more mature and went to an hotel. I really don’t care what she does, and really don’t want to see anymore photos of her in the public eye. She’s going to do what she wants to do, whether it hurts or embarrasses whoever she is dating. Go away Kristen.

  34. Jim Smith says:

    Kristen Stewart=SLUT!