Anderson Cooper Sex Tape: Mama’s Boy Worries Family Scandal Will Shock Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper Sex Tape: Mama's Boy Worries Family Scandal Will Shock Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper is having major anxiety over a sex tape that isn’t even his.  A young relative appears is a new porn video and the news anchor is worried how the scandal will affect his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

According to the National Enquirer, a very sexy twenty-something relative has make a XXX tape in the hopes of gaining fame and fortune. It is mentioned in the article that the woman is looking more for fame than fortune. Someone took a page out of Kim Kardashian’s book clearly hoping that the same thing would happen, that is just sad. The name of this chick is not revealed, nor is her family connection to the famous newsman.

It isn’t the actual sex tape or the fact that one of his relatives is looking for fame by taking her clothes off that has Anderson so concerned. He is worried about his mom fearing that this family scandal will send the famed designer, who is 89-years old, into a state of shock. Mother and son have always been very close so it is only natural that he be worried about her, especially at her age.

The whole story seems  quite ridiculous to me. I mean an alleged relative is taking off her clothes in hopes of fame and he doesn’t care about it. He only cares about how his mother will take the news seems a little silly to me. I have a number of relatives I could do without but if any of them decided to dabble in the porn business I would have something to say about it. Plus as I said there isn’t anything mentioned about the family relationship to this fame-whore relative, that seems pretty shady to me.

Whether or not there is any truth to this article I don’t know but it certainly makes Cooper look like a mama’s boy, which I have always thought he was personally. What do you think about the scandal that is unfolding regarding Anderson and mom Gloria? Tell us what you think in the below comments section.

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  • Don’t want to see this. No thanks.

  • ventolin63

    OMG, his mother is the last person he has to worry about. That woman had boy-toys 17-25 since she was…12! And now she is 92, (I think). Trust me, GW saw EVERYTHING that was to available, just read her bio and you’ll reach the same conclusion! She used to be the ‘Kardashian’ of the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s :)

    • Bruce_Leet

      lmao ya when I wrote that I hadn’t looked into who she was :)