Angelina Jolie Worried About Brad Pitt’s Attraction To Scientology – Bans Cult’s Literature From Their Home

Angelina Jolie Worried About Brad Pitt's Attraction To Scientology - Bans Cult's Literature From Their Home

Angelina Jolie is reportedly worried about Brad Pitt‘s connection to Scientology, according to a new report from Star. There were some recently published reports on how Brad was once courted by ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis [who is part of Scientology] and how the high-ranking members of the ‘religion’ all tried to get Brad interested. Apparently, he did come for a couple of ‘auditing’ sessions, but decided it wasn’t for him.

Alas, Star claims that Angelina is concerned that Brad will get sucked down that hole again because he’s been spending time with their neighbor, Giovanni Ribisi, who is a member of Scientology. A source explains, “The situation has reached a boiling point behind closed doors as Jolie is directing her anger at Brad over his possible renewed interest [in the church]. In early August, she flipped out on him after finding some Scientology recruitment brochures, probably left behind after one of Giovanni’s visits. Brad suggested she casually read through them, but Angie tossed them in the trash and furiously told Brad she didn’t want any of ‘that kind’ of material in their home.”

You know, it’s interesting. I always though the people over at Scientology must have tried really hard to get Brad Pitt, considering how big of a celebrity he is. Considering that Brad and Scientology’s poster boy, Tom Cruise, also worked together during that time period, I’m sure there was a lot of influence on Brad to at least try out the religion. Of course, it didn’t take, and we should all be grateful for that. But years later, I highly doubt that Brad has any lingering desires to be part of Scientology, especially after all the crazy reports that have been revealed about the cult religion.

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