Angelina Jolie LGBT Support: Takes Time Out From Celebrating Halloween With Her Children To Pose For Pic (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie LGBT Support: Takes Time Out Celebrating Halloween With Her Children To Pose For Pic (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie surprised everyone in the Flim Flams Party Shop in Nerang, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia when she decided to stop by unannounced to buy some Halloween supplies. Needless to say, the store’s employees aren’t used to internationally famous celebrities appearing at their doorstep every day, and to put it mildly, freaked out. Angelina took time out to support the local LGBT community with a posed hug with self-proclaimed lesbian Lisa-Marie Vizaniar.  Meanwhile here are rumors that Angelina just might be pregnant as she was wearing some strange slacks that could possibly be covering a baby bump.

One of the store employees gave her long-winded take on what happened to the Courier Mail, explaining, “We don’t open on Sundays but we were in there doing paperwork for a couple of hours, so we thought we’d open the door. I was at the front counter. They walked in and she asked if she could leave her bag on the counter and I said, ‘No problems’. I kept going back to work and my business partner whispered, `I think that’s Angelina Jolie’. I went up and told her I’m here to help you. It was amazing. She was just being a normal mum, taking her kids out to get some Halloween stock. She was great. She was so easygoing and natural.”

Since Jolie is currently filming Unbroken on the Gold Coast, she was reportedly buying some supplies for her children, Knox, Vivienne, and Pax. Based on the store employee’s ecstatic review, I’m sure Angelina found what she needed, and it seems like she was incredibly easy-going with them, something she’s known for when there aren’t a billion cameras around. It’s interesting how the employee notes that they were ‘closed’ for Sunday, but they obviously made an exception for Angelina Jolie – who wouldn’t?

It’ll be interesting to see if Brad Pitt joins Angelina and the children in Australia for Halloween, since he’s currently very busy filming Fury in England with half of the children as well as promoting Twelve Years a Slave. Since it’s been a while since the whole family was reunited, I’m guessing they’ll probably make sure to spend Halloween together, especially if Angelina went to such trouble to buy supplies for the whole family.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Lisa-Marie Vizaniar