Anne Hathaway’s Drug Abuse Exposed – Report

Anne Hathaway's Drug Abuse Exposed – Report

You know how they say that you eventually become the company you keep? Well it’s starting to look like Anne Hathaway’s pothead husband, Adam Schulman is really rubbing off on her. She loves to appear to be this classy, prim and proper actress but I’ve never actually bought it. I guess I’m not the only one either because it seems the National Enquirer has stumbled onto some photographs of what Anne does when the cameras aren’t rolling, and it isn’t pretty.

According to the mag there are various shots of Anne holding a homemade blunt with booze in front of her. Of course her eyes are red because she all smoked up and by the last photo Anne is pigging out- with her mouth open! I know that being a pothead makes you hungry but for someone so hung up on her image you’d think Anne would be a bit more careful, wouldn’t you?

Supposedly Anne’s closest friends worry that her husband has brought a world of bad influences into her life. He may be married to an Oscar winner but he’s jealous as hell because he is surrounded by Hollywood players and can’t seem to get a break himself. Adam has been spotted puffing on a pot pipe on more than one occasion and supposedly he introduced Anne to weed and other things.

Don’t you feel like we really have no clue who Anne really is? I mean she just kind of becomes whatever is required of her, even in interviews. If she’s talking to Chelsea Handler then Anne is a really ballsy chick, but then if it’s something more serious she’s super straight laced. Every moment of her life seems to be a choreographed acting gig.

Is the real Anne actually a strung out chick that fakes her way through real life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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