Anne Hathaway Quitting Hollywood – Taking Time To Heal From Harsh Criticism?

Anne Hathaway Quitting Hollywood - Taking Time To Heal From Harsh Criticism?

Anne Hathaway has a big plan for the next six months or so and it doesn’t include embracing a new movie role or finding herself in the middle of Timbuktu on a film set. Instead the new Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress will be spending quality time with new husband, Adam Shulman.   Her next film doesn’t begin filming until next fall and so she’s going to have a lot of time on her hands to spend with her man.

The actress has had a week of highs and lows. After her euphoric win she then came under public fire for her pointy dress selection which once again left the starlet flashing audiences everywhere. Last November  she also suffered embarrassment when her dress blew up while exiting a limo, fully exposing Anne from the waist down. These instances have led her harshest critics to wonder if Anne is enjoying the risque comments and the press that comes with these faux pas. Until now she has been thought of as more of a good girl so some are wondering if the comfort in her life as a newlywed is leading to her loosening up her formerly more conservative side.

One thing is for sure, critics and movie goers far and wide generally do not like Anne. According to Richard Lawson with The Atlantic Wire she has  “got this theater kid thing where she adopts the mood of every situation she’s in — rude and bawdy on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ poised and ‘classy’ at the Oscars, etc. — but wildly overcompensates every time. She always seems like she’s performing, and her favorite act is this overstated humility and graciousness.”

I think he actually hit it on the head. She adapts so much that we never feel like we actually know her.

Are you an Anne fan or do you agree that every moment in the limelight seems like another acting gig for the actress? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Anne Hathaway marriage is Fake & Anne Hathaway is reaily have Affair with Tim Burton

  • She just makes me want to scream! She seems shallow and an exhibitionist to me. She’s got that naughty Disney/Catholic schoolgirl thing down pat-repulsive. Her acting in Les Mis was overrated, and the part was miniscule. It was a musical, for heaven’s sake. Give her a Grammy, and give us a break, please do!

  • Stop analysing the poor women. She is human – as we all are. A child of God. Leave her alone! You don’t need to know so much about her, or second guess her, or understand her or even like her. Let her be. Her talent must be her only valid calling card for the general public. Judge that! It is exceptional! Acting is hard. But being an actor is impossible. If you want to know who Anne Hathaway is stop looking at her breasts and look into her eyes. Sursum corda. And have any of you looked in the mirror lately. Be kind. Be human. Have empathy. And get a life. Jealousy can be a terrible thing.

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