Ariana Grande Claims Justin Bieber Tried To Bed Her and She Shut Him Down!

Ariana Grande Claims Justin Bieber Tried To Bed Her and She Shut Him Down!

Man, Ariana Grande is really milking this Justin Bieber thing for all it’s worth. I don’t blame her – she’s an up and coming singer/actress and she wants the publicity.

Anyway, although everyone’s been talking about Ariana and Justin dating and/or possibly hooking up for the past two weeks, Ariana claims they are just friends. She claims, “It’s funny — everybody thinks we spent so much time together because we were touring, but really, I think I saw him once, and it was for about five minutes. He played me ‘Heartbreaker,’ it was amazing, and then I left. It’s like ‘hey, great job, bye.'”

Wow. This is hilarious. ‘He played me ‘Heartbreaker’ and then left’. Is she trying to say what I think she’s trying to say? Is she claiming that Justin tried to flirt with her and then she shut him down? So while she clarifies the relationship rumors, she’s clearly stoking the fires of flirting and hookup rumors.

To be fair, Ariana does say that she and Justin rarely see each other because they’re so busy, explaining, “You don’t really see each other, cause it’s like I’m on stage, then I’m off stage, and then I leave and I go to sleep. And then he’s on stage then he leaves. So it’s like you don’t see each other.”

Right, and that’s why she uploaded a picture of them snuggling and Justin kissing her? Because there’s nothing going? I’m not buying it. But even though she’s still relatively new to the media circus, she’s already playing it like a pro. If she were to confirm the rumors of her dating Justin, it would be hot news for several weeks. But by leaving it open to speculation, she gets to capitalize on the are they dating/are they not nature of media interest for several months.

What do you guys think of Ariana’s comments? Let us know down below.

5 responses to “Ariana Grande Claims Justin Bieber Tried To Bed Her and She Shut Him Down!”

  1. ivan says:

    Much Ado About Nothing as Shakespeare said. We are reading too much into her words.

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  5. daysha says:

    Do i bieber her