Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Fight for Custody of Son Bronx

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Fight for Custody of Son Bronx

It seems like every year or so there’s a flare up in the custody agreement of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz over their 4-year old son, Bronx. The couple married in 2008 and then split in early 2011, with Ashlee retaining custody of little Bronx. Both of them have seemed to move on fairly easily and Ashlee has never really made an excuses for being a party girl. Pete seems to have accepted this even after it pretty much ruined their relationship. He watches at a distance as Ashlee does her thing until inevitably she gets out of control.

This seems to be one of those times where Pete believes that Ash is loving house parties and the bar scene more than she loves her son and so he’s on the verge of intervening. He has ordered his ex-wife to get herself under control or else! According to a well-placed source at The National Enquirer,

“Ashlee is resisting, and it could get ugly. Pete says that if Ashlee doesn’t change her partying ways or agree to his custody demands, he’ll go to court. And having her dirty laundry aired in public would be very embarrassing for Ashlee.”

I’ve always gotten the impression that Ashlee was surprised by motherhood and not at all prepared for it. She seems to have spent bits and pieces of the last four years trying to make up for all of the partying that she feels she missed out on. It’s really not a good look and leaves her looking careless and still very unhappy with herself and the life she has chosen.

Should Pete fight her for custody of their son? I know normally the mother gets the kids but do you think that at this point, even temporarily, Pete should retain custody until Ashlee stabilizes a bit? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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