Ashton Kutcher Jealous Over Mila Kunis And Channing Tatum Relationship?

Ashton Kutcher Jealous Over Mila Kunis And Channing Tatum Relationship?

Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum have been shooting Jupiter Ascending in London for the past few months, and they’ve obviously been getting closer. Shooting long hours on a shoot that lasts several months will do that, whether you intend it or not. Anyway, Ashton Kutcher is apparently upset about this development, and jealous of Channing’s growing relationship with his girlfriend.

A source tells Star, “Ashton knows they’re just working together and that his jealousy is irrational, but what gets to him is how Mila raves and raves about how nice and charming Channing is. [Ashton] is even been keeping tabs on her through mutual pals on the movie. It’s not hard to imagine why Mila getting so close to Channing would make Ashton worry.”

Um, this is a ridiculous story. I’d actually maybe be more inclined to believe it if Channing was single, since Mila could always do better than Ashton Kutcher, but Channing Tatum is seriously one of the most devoted husbands I’ve ever seen in Hollywood. It’s CRAZY how devoted he is to his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. So Ashton has nothing to worry about, except maybe Mila realizing how there are way more awesome people available for her to date.

Besides, Channing’s been busy – anytime he gets a few days off, he flies back to the US to spend time with his wife and new daughter, Everly. He doesn’t have time to be flirting with Mila Kunis. And Mila’s never seemed like one to cheat, although I don’t think anyone would have blamed her, considering her past relationships.

What do you guys think about these rumors? Full of crap or some inklings of truth? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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