Bachelor Sean Lowe Thankful He Didn’t End Up With Heartbreaker Emily Maynard!

Bachelor Sean Lowe Thankful He Didn't End Up With Heartbreaker Emily Maynard!

Last season on The Bachelorette women went a bit crazy when Emily Maynard sent blond hottie Sean Lowe home. He seemed to be a bit of a shoe in for the final rose with his chiseled abs, nice temperament, and solid family. It was pretty clear she sent a really nice guy packing and I think almost immediately everyone speculated that Sean would be chosen as the next Bachelor. Sure enough, he is and millions of women are thrilled to see him back on their television screens each week, for the soul purpose of finding his true love, of course.

Sean told the latest issue of In Touch that he is ultimately very happy that Emily didn’t choose him but instead cut him loose. He says he played everything between them over and over in his head and just finally came to accept that she wasn’t at all the right girl for him. He says he’s really looking forward to finding the right one and he’s excited about his future.

I wonder what it was that made Sean reconsider his stand point on Em. Perhaps it was the fact that she was sending dirty texts to other men while engaged to the guy she did choose, Jef Holm.  Or maybe it’s the way she really seems to have turned into a bit of a fame whore, someone that used the idea of finding love to extend her fifteen minutes of fame and line her pocket with a nice chunk of cash. Maybe it’s the way all of those comments about wanting to get married and settle down all kind of look like a big lie now. Who knows, but I’m betting that Sean really does feel like he dodged a bullet with Emily.

Do you think Sean will be one of the few people that really does find love on the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet