Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Fight To Deny Sham Marriage Reports (Photos)

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Fight To Deny Sham Marriage Reports (Photos) 0324

Is it working for you? I’m not gonna lie… it’s sorta working for me. What is up with all the hugging and kissing? It’s sweet as all hell and I’m a crotchity biotch on Sunday mornings. But this is almost too much. Look at the way she’s beaming at him! Jennifer Garner is a simple woman. She just wants her husband to love her and throw her some affection from time to time and when he does I can remember why her face is in movies.

But is this too touchy-feely for you? This is their M.O. Believe me, they know when the paparazzi are around. Ben  practically won his Oscar off of these lovely (staged) family outings. Just look at that kiss! Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner issues have been running wild lately though. Was this very gross display of affection seen by all because the couple couldn’t help themselves or are they trying to put some marriage problems to bed?

Can I say maybe it’ a little bit of both? I know! I’m being taken by the photos but they are SO GOOD. It’s just a routine day hanging with daughters, Seraphina Affleck and Violet Affleck in Santa Monica. This looks like a loving couple, right? This couple would never use the paparazzi to get a message out, right? Oh, Jeanne wake the hell up! But I don’t care. It worked. I’m going to forget all about the National Enquirer story this week that reported Jen was totally over Ben’s demanding behavior. I’m going to forget all the rumors circulating that Jen’s still pissed about Ben’s Oscars speech where he referred to their marriage as work. I’m going to forget about his love of gambling and alcohol. Why? Because of the way he’s looking at his wife and because I’m a sucker. I’m soft. What can I say? They are the picture perfect happy family in these photos. My question for you is do they know it.

Could this be a media fight? Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner Deny Marital Problems With Afternoon Snuggles! Just wait for it. The headline is coming. Divorce? What divorce? Always remember – it takes no time to squash a rumor when you really want to.



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