Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Fight To Deny Sham Marriage Reports (Photos)

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Fight To Deny Sham Marriage Reports (Photos) 0324

Is it working for you? I’m not gonna lie… it’s sorta working for me. What is up with all the hugging and kissing? It’s sweet as all hell and I’m a crotchity biotch on Sunday mornings. But this is almost too much. Look at the way she’s beaming at him! Jennifer Garner is a simple woman. She just wants her husband to love her and throw her some affection from time to time and when he does I can remember why her face is in movies.

But is this too touchy-feely for you? This is their M.O. Believe me, they know when the paparazzi are around. Ben  practically won his Oscar off of these lovely (staged) family outings. Just look at that kiss! Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner issues have been running wild lately though. Was this very gross display of affection seen by all because the couple couldn’t help themselves or are they trying to put some marriage problems to bed?

Can I say maybe it’ a little bit of both? I know! I’m being taken by the photos but they are SO GOOD. It’s just a routine day hanging with daughters, Seraphina Affleck and Violet Affleck in Santa Monica. This looks like a loving couple, right? This couple would never use the paparazzi to get a message out, right? Oh, Jeanne wake the hell up! But I don’t care. It worked. I’m going to forget all about the National Enquirer story this week that reported Jen was totally over Ben’s demanding behavior. I’m going to forget all the rumors circulating that Jen’s still pissed about Ben’s Oscars speech where he referred to their marriage as work. I’m going to forget about his love of gambling and alcohol. Why? Because of the way he’s looking at his wife and because I’m a sucker. I’m soft. What can I say? They are the picture perfect happy family in these photos. My question for you is do they know it.

Could this be a media fight? Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner Deny Marital Problems With Afternoon Snuggles! Just wait for it. The headline is coming. Divorce? What divorce? Always remember – it takes no time to squash a rumor when you really want to.



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10 responses to “Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Fight To Deny Sham Marriage Reports (Photos)”

  1. Alice says:

    I am sure they know when the Paps are around, how could they not?? They are always around. So what should this couple and family do? Never go out, never act normal or show they care about each other and have fun as a family? Lock themselves and their children up at home and never be seen, always seem and look mad? Or just move away? I am happy to see the pictures, happy to see them act as normal as they can and just be a family. Why can you not be?? They are, after all, celebrities and seem to have come to the understanding they cannot get away from the Paps, so they ignore them for thr most part and just get on with life. For whatever reason Ben has been a favorite of the Paps for years and it seems his success and happiness just galls so many of you. Very sad and very unfair! The man has worked hard and they have built a lovely family. Three children in 8 year, not what you would expect from a couple who were not deeply in love. So I will continue to enjoy the pictures and believe what they say themselves. Ben said in every way possible how much he loves and appreciates Jen and then he finished his Awards season by expressing in a moment of extreme emotion just how much she has helped, supported and given to him and their family. It was beautiful. Give them a break!!

  2. BuckyBoyd says:

    Damn, ANOTHER article? When are the writers on this site going to realize that they are the ONLY one’s who think that Ben and Jen have a “sham marriage”. Read the comments on your articles, NOBODY agrees with any of your ridiculous and repetitive articles. And do you really believe OK! and The National Enquirer? (Ya know, the only two that have had a negative story about Ben and Jen). LOL. Not only are both two of the WORST tabloids, but both have already been proven wrong. OK! claimed that they had marital problems while he was shooting Argo because she wanted him to bring her and the kids with him to Iran while he filmed for months away from home and he refused. Well guess what? Ben has never even been to Iran and he’s said so in tons of interviews! 85% of Argo was filmed in Los Angeles, (they live there) 10% was filmed in Washington DC (Jen went with him to DC because they have a friend named Joe Kindregan who lives there, maybe you should Google that beautiful story of their friendship) and 5% was filmed in Turkey where did go solo but was there for less than a week! What great “sources” OK! had, huh? As for the latest National Enquirer story, it states that they had a fight at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Well guess what? Ben and Jen never even went to the Sunset Tower Hotel on Oscar night and that has been confirmed by tons of MEDIA OUTLETS not even sources close to the couple. They went to the Governor’s Ball, then to the Vanity Fair party just to show their faces and they left and went to George Clooney’s after party at Craig’s where they stayed until the early morning hours before going home. Not once did they go to the Sunset Tower Hotel and they photo that they claim is of them fighting at the Sunset Tower Hotel? That photo has been on the internet since the night of the Oscars and was taken at either the Governor’s Ball or The Vanity Fair after party. Both tabloids are a bunch of BS and i think it’s hilarious that you believe them. Please stop with these damn articles, NOBODY agrees with you and they are just stupid, repetitive and ridiculous. They make you writers out to be very angry, bitter individuals who have been personally victimized by Ben and Jen and are out to ruin their lives. Let it go and move on.

  3. Judy Reeder says:

    what is wrong with a man showing some affection for his wife in public, its not the first time for these two…ive seen many pics of them holding hands and far as the national Enquirer goes, I dont believe 99% of what is written, when they do get it right, its a miracle…

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    Jen has been looking pregnant to me lately which if she is, that automatically makes the National Enquirer story false because they wouldn’t be deciding whether or not to have a 4th if she’s already a couple months along! The authors of the Ben and Jen articles on this website need to get a hobby!

  5. You know what i find amusing? That leading up to awards season and during awards season, everyone (this site as well as others) accused Ben of pimping out his family for his “Oscar campaign”. They all insisted that once the Oscars passed, we would no longer see Ben out with Jen or the kids. Everyone loves to pretend that Ben is miserable being a family man and blah blah blah when they have no reason to say it besides the fact that they don’t like them. Ben has been seen almost every single day with Jen and/or the kids and the Oscars ended a month ago! Now everyone who constantly accused Ben of the “Oscar campaign” has stopped with those comments and found new crap to post about them, because that’s what they do, they hate on them because they are haters and will always find negative crap to post ever when its not true. What fans seem to forget is that Ben is not seen with them when he’s working. Please tell me how that is any different than any other stay at home mom and working dad in this country? All the paparazzi photos are mainly running errands, school pick ups and drop offs. If he’s working, WHY would he be doing that? They NEVER work at the same time, so whenever one is working they other is the stay at home parent and does all of that. When neither are working, they do it together. (mind blowing, i know). After filming and editing/producing Argo and after promoting it, there was a few months before awards season started. That was when Jen went to New Orleans and did a movie and Ben stayed home with Violet and Seraphina and did the school run, etc and that was from about October-December and then she finished and they did everything together again because neither were working! That was all leading up to and during awards season so he got accused of the “Oscar campaign” just because he was home and able to spend time with his wife and children because he wasn’t working. Ben has about 4 upcoming directorial jobs but none of the scripts are ready and probably won’t be ready for a LONG time so expect to see him with Jen and the kis for a while, BECAUSE NEITHER ARE WORKNIG! It’s always been this way and the two times Ben gets accused of being an absent father and husband is when he did The Town and Argo but people forget that he wrote, directed and starred in The Town and he directed, starred in and produced Argo–of course he isn’t going to be home during the day to run errands, he was WORKING! My father is a CEO and works a lot, he has tons of business meeting, he travels for work all the time and he works long hours, he even takes business calls on his days off and when’s he’s home, my mom is a stay at home mom. Guess who did all the errands, etc while me and my siblings were growing up? My mom. Why? Because she is the stay at home mom and my dad was the one that was working. All these crazy fans that accuse Ben of being an absent father/husband would accuse my dad of the same thing than, even though he WORKS during the day and my mom does not so of course she is going to be the one that did everything with the kids all day! It’s not rocket science people.

  6. Susie says:

    The only ones with a problem is you (the writer of this “sham” article.)

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  8. earsucker says:

    Their relationship is a total FRONT!

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