Ben Affleck’s Sex Scenes With Jennifer Lopez Look-A-Like Have Jennifer Garner Frantic!

Ben Affleck's Sex Scenes With Jennifer Lopez Look-A-Like Have Jennifer Garner Frantic!

A few short months after winning an Oscar for his work on Argo, Ben Affleck is more than ready to move on to his next project, Live By Night. The actor is currently knee deep in casting decisions and one of the most important roles requires a particular type of look. Garciela is a character that requires a load of smoldering sex appeal and so Ben is actually looking for a Jennifer Lopez type to be cast.

According to the July 22nd print edition of Star Magazine, Ben has actually listed J. Lo in the character’s description and he has written some super hot sex scenes to be played out by the bombshell that he happens to cast. Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner isn’t exactly thrilled that her husband is specifically looking for a woman like his ex to help him out with anything! She is even less thrilled with the reality of the situation that will exist once the sexpot is cast. This hand picked actress will then be filming explicit sex scenes with her husband, ones that he dreamed up. It’s like Ben’s greatest fantasy is going to come to life and it’ll include his ex-girlfriends doppelganger!

No wonder Jen isn’t to thrilled with Ben’s latest project! I’ll bet this makes her want to take back every single complaint that she had about his long hours spent on Argo. At least that focused on the Iranian hostage crisis rather than down and dirty bathtub sex scenes!

Naya Rivera is one of the names being floated around for the role of Garciela but I kind of see him picking out some up and coming actress that simply looks the part. Do you think that Live By Night will cause some problems at home for Ben? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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