Best Ink Season 3: Win a Trip – $3500 Value – to get a Tattoo from Joe Capobianco!

Best Ink Season 3: Win a Trip - $3500 Value - to get a Tattoo from Joe Capobianco!

Are you ready for some hot tattoos, crazy challenges, and a bit of drama to ease the pain from all that fresh ink? If so, then you definitely won’t want to miss season 3 of Oxygen’s much-loved tattoo competition, Best Ink, where fourteen talented artists will vie for a $100,000 grand prize and an exclusive feature in Tattoo magazine. It’s not every day emerging tattoo artists, eager and ready to secure their spot in the field, have a shot at being judged/mentored by leading names in the industry. So they best make each mark count if they’re to leave a lasting impression. Best Ink 3 will premiere on Oxygen on December 4th at 10/9c.

Returning to judge this season’s challenges are Joe Capobianco, world renowned tattoo artist; Hannah Aitchison, known for her impeccable style, pinup, and portrait tattoos; and Sabina Kelly, model and tattoo-removal shop owner. Pete Wentz will also be returning this season as Best Ink’s host and, while he won’t be judging the challenges, he’s no stranger to the world of ink. Just check out ‘dem arms (click here for more judge info)!

For some, those with non-inked skin, the tattoo world can be a strange and mystifying place. So what better way to dive into this vibrant, colorful universe than by taking the opportunity to chat openly with this season’s judges and stars? Joe Capobianco, Hannah Aitchison, season 1 winner Teresa Sharpe, and host Pete Wentz will be holding an hour-long Tweet Up (a meet-up via Twitter!) on November 19th (8PM-9PM EST). Just for you! Anything goes, so don’t be shy. Perhaps they could give us some insight into why on earth Harry Styles chose to get a giant freaking moth tattooed on his chest?

In addition to the great Twitter party they’ll be throwing, Joe Capobianco and Oxygen are sweetening the deal by offering one lucky winner an epic prize: an all-expenses paid trip to his tattoo parlor, Hope Gallery, in New Haven, Connecticut, where he’ll give you the best ink of your life. For more details on how you can enter to win this fantastic prize bundle, please see the guidelines below.


We want you to qualify for this great opportunity, so please, before entering, ensure that you meet these prerequisites: 1) Be 18+ years of age; 2) Be available within three months of receiving your vouchers to schedule an appointment with Joe for your tattoo; 3) Be respectful of Joe (and his shop) should you have the privilege of receiving this prize; and, 4) Before entering, have looked over the Official Terms & Conditions located below the disclaimer.


1. Enter your name and info into the below Rafflecopter: In order to qualify for this contest, you are required to “like” Best Ink’s Facebook page. And no tricky business! My Rafflecopter is one smart cookie — so it’ll know if you don’t meet the requirements (it is like the Goblet of Fire, but slightly less awesome). While liking the Facebook page qualifies you to enter, fulfilling the other available options will gain you more points and, ultimately, a greater chance of winning! If you are the winner, we’ll contact you via email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Deadline to enter: November, 20th 8:59 AM EST

3. PRIZE: One (1) entrant will receive the following prize bundle, as outlined below.

i. (1) Tattoo Voucher for Joe – value $1,200
ii. (1) Plane Voucher to NYC from an airline
iii. (1) Hotel Voucher
iv. (1) $200 gift card to be used towards transportation from NYC – New Haven

4. Eligibility: Open to residents (18+) of USA.

5. Disclaimer: Celeb Dirty Laundry has not received any payment or promotional products as a result of this giveaway, courtesy of Oxygen, who’s also providing the prize. Oxygen is not sponsoring, nor are they administering, this post and all opinions are solely those of CDL. By entering this contest you hereby declare that you are 18+ years of age, willing and able to make the travels to Joe’s shop, and understand that vouchers are only meant to cover transportation, hotel, and tattoo service costs; other costs incurred, such as food and/or other personal endeavors, will not be the responsibility of CDL or Oxygen. You also agree that the vouchers will be used within a three month period (upon receipt), else you risk forfeiting winnings. It is your sole responsibility to ensure all travel plans are honored; you will not be compensated/reimbursed for missed transportation. Please read below for more clarifications before entering.


By entering, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions.


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  • Nick S.

    Thanks for entering, Amanda. That seems like a great and thoughtful idea for a tattoo! May the Rafflecopter Deities be Ever in Your Favor.

  • Aimee Colosseum McDonald

    I would want to get a tattoo of my show dog.

    • Nick S.

      Love it. I hope your show dog is a really cute yorkie (I have a Yorkie–unfortunately, he’s too stupid to be a show dog).

      • Aimee Colosseum McDonald

        Thanks Nick, I show American Pit Bull Terriers, But all dogs are cute ;)

  • Aaron

    I would like to get a new tattoo, I need one cause it’s been 20 years sence my last. Thanks.

    • Nick S.

      Time for some new ink, then! Thanks for entering.

  • Tina

    I would love to get a classic pin-up dressed as either a nurse or a punk girl :)

    • Nick S.

      Joe would be a great artist to do this tattoo!

  • jujubee2000

    I would love to get a gothic/rockabilly pin-up

    • Nick S.

      I think Joe is well known for his pin-up style tattoos.

  • Gwen Vasquez

    I would get a tattoo in memory of my sister who passed away in August.

    • Nick S.

      Love this plan. Thanks for entering!

  • Julia Callis

    I would love to have an Alice in Wonderland themed sleeve. Or just the White Rabbit Alice and the Madhatter.

    • Nick S.

      OMG I LOVE that idea. I think an Alice in Wonderland-themed sleeve would look amazing in all black ink, perhaps in a silhouette.

      • Julia Callis

        That would be really cool! I was also thinking all the old school characters battling the Tim Burton characters! A mixture of both!

        • Nick S.

          Yeah, I loved the Tim Burton version (even though so many others didn’t). I love Tim’s style–and plus the colors would be great in a tattoo.

  • Butch Harry Barbee

    I would get a new school Pin up of Kellie Pickler in a bikini color on my left calf!

    • Nick S.

      Sounds cool! Of course, we’d support any celebrity-face tattoos :)

  • Malissa Bader

    I’d love to have him add to my floral back piece, its a story of my life and that part would be to show my love for Tattoos as art

    • Nick S.

      Sounds like you have a great plan–and a wonderful story!

  • Rebecca Velez

    I would most definately love to win. In my opinion Best Ink is the best tatoo show there is. Me and all my kids love it! I have several tatoos that I want to get. I only have one right now. I’d like to eventually get a representation on all my kids down my right leg with their names in chinese next to the plant that represents them. (Example: Jade plant for my oldest who’s name is Jade). I also want a scorpian and the scorpio symbol on my right upper arm to represent my zodiac sign. I have others in mind. I would let him decide which he wanted to do after going over my options.

    • Nick S.

      Wow, thanks for your thoughtful comment; we appreciate it. All those tattoo ideas sound wonderful! I love the idea of attaching a symbolic image to each of your children’s name/character.

  • Jason Braun (Janus Trollcave)

    I’d get a busty Greek sphinx in Joe’s awesome style.

    • Nick S.

      Yeah, he has a great style. That sounds like a nice image! Thanks for entering.

  • Shana

    This seems too good to be true but I’d love to get my leg covered up.

    • Nick S.

      Oh this is definitely true–and definitely too good! Thanks for entering. And cross your fingers that the Raffle Gods work in your favor.

  • Nick S.

    Thanks for entering. Roses and Skulls–sounds rad!

  • Nick S.

    Cool! Go big or go home, amiright?

  • Kristoffer Maximilian S Skywal

    I’d let Joe come up with his own design and just do whatever he’d want to do

    • Nick S.

      That’s a cool and interesting idea. I’d be terrified to do that though. But way to live on the edge :)

  • Russ

    Let the artist what he does best.. create a tattoo just for me

  • Ty Cullen

    I would get a rockabilly mermaid piece on my back.

  • Major

    If I won I would get a pinup girl on my leg! Been wanting one for a long time now!

    • Nick S.

      He’s the right dude to get a pin-up-style tattoo from!

  • Garrett Vorio

    I’m in!!! This Joe guy sounds great….

  • Mitchell Booth

    I’d let Joe pick out the design, give him creative control, just keep it kinda dark, sinister. Probably one of his fabled pin-ups if I’d pick it out right. That bloodpudding is amazing on the skin!

    • Nick S.

      Oh, dark and sinister . . . .*dramatic pause* nice!

  • Courtney

    I would bring all my tattoo designs that I want and let Joe choose which he wants to do most & make it his own!!!!! :)

  • beth

    i would love for him to create a tattoo just for me.

    • Nick S.

      This seems like a popular option. I suppose in the hands of such a famous tattooist this might be fun to do!

  • Jessica Looney

    I really would like to get the back of my calves done with something my best friend and I both are going, but we wanted different artists, so they’d be in different styles. It’s meaningful lyrics from our favorite band.

    • Nick S.

      Cool. Tattoos with a friend seem like a great idea!

  • Nathaniel J Mask

    Tough, though thought as to what i would get..Anything from Joe would be awesome. Especially something original..

    • Nick S.

      Definitely. Especially since you’d be in the care of such a great artist!

  • Michael Matlick

    My son is into pirates. Been looking for a Capo-Girl Pirate to rock for a couple years now.

    • Nick S.

      Pirates! ARRRGH, matey, that sounds like a fab plan.

  • Jamie Paris-Prickett

    I’ve got a couple tattoos picked that I want! I’d let Joe pick and do it in his style!! Anything as long as it’s new INK!

    • Nick S.

      Woot woot! Let’s get inky!

  • Taylor

    I’d get the dreamcatcher I’ve planned to get for 4 years.

    • Nick S.

      Love dream catcher imagery; that would be fantastic–they look cool on people’s backs, I think.

  • Jimmy Reed

    Personally I would let Mr. Capobianco tattoo anything of his choice or style cause I think he is an amazing artist. For a capo girl pinup I would love his twist on classic army pinups to commemorate my pride and time in service.

    • Nick S.

      Nice answer! He does have a really unique style, and I’m sure his interpretation of your personal story would be amazing!

  • Two headed dragon, one smoking other fire-breathing on my right calf

    • Nick S.

      Sounds enchanting!

  • Brian Dunn

    Pick me Joe is the only artist I’ll work with

    • Nick S.

      Have you gotten one from him in the past?

  • Laura

    I’m would like to get Joe’s style, zombie nurse for my Mom. :)

  • Airy Quiros

    Id get the nurse skull tattoo ive wanted for some time now!

  • Marc

    A devilish blood puddin pinup.

    • Nick S.

      What is “blood puddin” — I type it into Google and the only thing that comes up is a type of sausage lol? (For some reason I think it must mean something else).

  • Natalie

    I’d get two snakes wrapping around my ankle and foot, representing good and evil

    • Nick S.


  • Airy Quiros

    I don’t see my previous post; I’d get the sugar skull nurse I’ve wanted for some time!

    • Nick S.

      That’d make a fantastic tattoo!

  • Justin

    I’m in desperate need of a sleeve from joe!!!

  • Amy

    I have been thinking of getting a steampunk portrait of my cat. ;)

    • Nick S.

      OMG PLEASE DO THIS. And you could somehow incorporate an octopus (because for some reason all steampunk art loves including the octopus).

  • Nick S.

    Yes, please like their FB page. Once you do, Rafflecopter will allow you to enter the drawing. Thanks!

  • Nick S.

    Love the dreamcatcher idea. Seems to be a popular image!

  • Sorry

    This sounds AMAZING!

  • Nick S.

    Ah I see now. Found it! Thanks!

  • Nick S.

    That sounds bad ass.

  • Jessamie Garvin

    I would want a montage of pictures to represent who I am and the people and things I love.

  • Colleen Stacy Wolf

    I think I would make it Joe’s choice. How could you go wrong?

  • Michelle Kasee Hunter

    I would have him fix a tat I have now, and make it look great.

  • Arnold Follentine

    Theeeeeeeeeeeee Best Show…… ;-)

  • caroline

    Not sure if my other post is showing up haha sorry >.< So psyched to see what happens with this! Best Ink is beyond the best TV show ever!

  • Malissa Bader

    how do we find out who won?

  • ??Gianna marie??

    I would get something to show my love of fashion and photography or a Fall out boy tattoo because they have been my favorite band since middle school and I am currently in college :)