Best & Worst Celebrity Moms Cover Star Magazine (Photo)

Best & Worst Celebrity Moms Cover Star Magazine (Photo)

The best and worst of celebrity mothers are featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Star magazine. Since Mother’s Day has already passed, the magazine puts a bullseye on some celebrity moms, while others are praised.

So, who is still breastfeeding their kid when it already has teeth and can walk around and whathaveyou at FOUR-YEARS-OLD?!? It sounds creepy to us. Yes, breastfeeding is a totally natural and wonderful thing, but to keep it going on when the child can actually chew their own food is kind of silly…don’t you think?

Taking a break from lashing out at Gwyneth Paltrow, the tabloid calls Angelina Jolie the mother of the year. Dina Lohan has to be miffed! Twenty-seven times in a row and still has yet to win that coveted title! Ha!

For their mothering report cards, Katie Holmes is given a C- because little Suri Cruise doesn’t get to bed until 1AM! In addition, Tori Spelling is given a D- for mocking her children for crying. Pink is given a B+ and Angelina Jolie an A+. They must all be so proud, except for Tori, that is.

Either way, we’re still curious as to who is leaving their children with total strangers and who isn’t changing diapers for days. That sounds like some pretty terrible parenting, don’t you agree?

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