Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Divorce To Get Ratings and Publicity For New Talk Show

Bethenny Fankel and Jason Hoppy Divorce To Get Ratings and Publicity For New Talk Show

I knew something was wrong with Bethenny Frankel on the finale episode of Martha Stewart Apprentice, when she didn’t thank her team that helped her in the final challenge. What kind of selfish person doesn’t thank people? I though to myself. And here we are—and I’m right! Bethenny released a statement before Christmas in which she described her divorce from Jason Hoppy as “the best choice for our family.” And she was being totally honest. Just replace our family with my career. That’s right folks: A not so shocking report has come out, claiming that Bethenny is playing up her divorce drama to ensure ratings for her new talk show!

Bethenny puts herself forward as the do it all woman, the kind of mom who gives other moms inferiority complexes. She developed her own line of low cal adult beverages, has been all over reality TV, and is married with a kid. All while maintaining a freakishly thin frame and unsmudged eye liner. While I’ll grudgingly admit she must have some marketable skills outside of being dramatic, most of her efforts seem to lie in promoting her perfect marriage.

An insider reported to Star Magazine, print edition January 14, 2013, “This is exactly what she did on her reality show. She used her marriage as a long-running story line—and it’s all for ratings! Bethenny is totally ruthless and will do whatever it takes to be famous and make her talk show a success. She’s a media strategist by nature and she’s really used that for her benefit.” How so? Well, a source explains that she never gives interviews, except ones in which “she claimed her marriage was great.” Meanwhile, it’s crumbling around her and the tabloids are picking up the news. But she’s bubbly and jokes it off, building it up up up!

Frankel has even proclaimed that her personal motto is “Always be branding,” which means that every word out of your mouth must be to build your personal brand! So now she’s established herself as this bend-over-backwards-for-you wife and mother, who is making the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter: her heart. Fans are sure to tune in to her new show to hear her “truthful” life story, but will be disappointed when it’s all branding garbage! Do you think Bethenny is ever sincere, or is she just one in a million looking to get ahead?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet