Beyonce Cheated On Jay-Z According To His New Song “Holy Grail”

Beyonce Cheated On Jay-Z According To His New Song "Holy Grail"

The press seems to really like Jay-Z and Beyonce together, so much so that there is rarely a negative word said about the couple. We know that they are the first couple of hip hop and as close to entertainment royalty as it gets, but every relationship has its skeletons and there’s can’t be any different now can it?

Of course not and rather than have the dirt exposed by some over zealous reporter it looks like Jay-Z has decided to do it himself! His new single Holy Grail is about to drop and while most of the lyrics are about dealing with fame, there seems to be a pretty telling nugget about his wifey.

“But soon as all that money blows / All the pigeons take flight / F*ck the fame / Keep cheating on me / What I do / I took her back / Fool me twice / That’s my bad / I can’t even blame her for that / “

Why on earth would Jay not blame Bey for cheating? My guess is that perhaps some of those rumors about him banging his protege, Rita Ora might hold a bit of water. Rita freely admits to screwing piles of guys so why would Jay be one of them? Perhaps Bey found a side dish of her own as a revenge move! Yeah I know that’s not the best way to deal with stuff but let’s be real here. For every chick crawling into Jay’s lap Beyonce has a hot guy beside her just praying for an opportunity with her.

Couples cheat. Hollywood couples cheat even more. Why would Beyonce and Jay Z be above it?  Better yet, why do we need to think that they are? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


15 responses to “Beyonce Cheated On Jay-Z According To His New Song “Holy Grail””

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  2. Ali says:

    I hate to be clichè, but two wrongs don’t make a right. If the rumors at all are true, that is.

  3. bohomoth says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all if certain groupies are to be believed…..

  4. drdebo cherry says:

    I think song lyrics are twisted and its him that cheated.

  5. EmilyTrainham says:

    Yes, Jay, you can blame her for that. You really can.

  6. Angel 2009 says:

    Yeah, I’d cheat too if in desperation, I stupidly married a very wealthy, camel faced older man who’s an even bigger egomaniac than Kanye West.
    Bey’s got her bucks but she’s starting to lose her public appeal . . . wonder if there is an iron clad prenup?

  7. Pamela says:

    I wouldn’t blame her for cheating, besides his money, Jay isn’t exactly the hottest dude in the planet.

  8. DawnS says:

    Bad behavior all around!

  9. well, well, well, look he happens to be just like the rest of us. hahaha

  10. Dee Brown says:

    I think the female is from a girl of Jay Z past. I don’t think Beyonce cheated. If anything Jay Z cheated and flipped it to not sound weak. I think Beyonce took him back twice.

  11. Dee Brown says:

    Its no secret they broke up in 2006. Maybe that’s the reason.

  12. bobalouski says:

    She actually WANTS him to do her from behind because he’s so fucking ugly…she’d cheat on him with a decent looking mailman.

  13. Tre Blak says:

    I think hes talking about the fame ya’ll…

  14. Christina Ann Baird says:

    well, well, well, he admits he cheated and now he admits that she cheated… we need to keep out the ppl business if they choose to cheat and stick together at the end of it all.

  15. candice says:

    hes definitely not talking about bey. hes personifying fame. he left the business and now hes tryna come back. hes calling fame fickle bc it goes to whats hot NOW. people rarely stay on top through their whole career.