Beyonce Denies Baby – Control Freak Or Overreacting?

Beyonce Denies Baby - Control Freak Or Overreacting? 0519

Beyonce’s ass better not be pregnant at this point because if you come out with a scathing instagram post calling people low lives then your story better be legit.

Beyonce got all pissy when E! News (and a host of others) blew the lid off her baby story so she struck back this weekend. By now I’m sure we’ve all read it. How DARE us for speculating. How DARE us for having nothing better to do. Bitch please. I’m sorry someone stole your thunder and you couldn’t debut your baby bump on television like last time. I’m sorry you couldn’t coordinate the information to promote your tour in some way. Shit happens. Keep calm and freakin’ carry on! But that’s not how Jay-Z and Beyonce roll I guess.

I just don’t get her game plan. Let’s say she is not pregnant. Beyonce’s been the source of stupid rumors before (pillow baby anyone?). She didn’t freak out then. Just laugh and go about your business.

So let’s say she is pregnant then. Why deny it? Why do anything? Denying – especially in this nasty tone – will only make you look like more of an asshole later. Oh, but I know what she’ll say. It was so early in the pregnancy. I’ve had a miscarriage before. I was scared to come out because of what might happen. Good. Fine. Whatever. And we will forgive because Beyonce can do no wrong. But this is annoying. This is straight up control freak behavior. Beyonce can’t control the story. She can’t control her image so we’re all supposed to back off. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

What do you make of the Beyonce baby rumors? Did she do the right thing or is this a case of biotch sit down?

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3 responses to “Beyonce Denies Baby – Control Freak Or Overreacting?”

  1. PrincessB Cooper says:

    I think it was a mean response considering the rumors were so positive and celebratory. I’m beginning to see a side of Beyonce’ I never expected. Plus how she treats Kelly is heartbreaking. I hope she learns to be kind to people when they’re bending over backwards to be nice to her. The “low. Life” comment threw me off. When did she become such a mean tyrant or has she always been this way behind a mask of beauty?

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