Big Brother 15: McCrae Olson’s Family and Amanda Zuckerman – UPDATE!

Big Brother 15: McCrae Olson's Family Hates Amanda Zuckerman and Demand McCranda Split Up

Amanda Zuckerman has proven to be a controversial contestant on Big Brother 15, yet she doesn’t think she has done anything wrong.

Now that the game is over, one would think that Amanda would simply apologize for things she did in the house. In a recent interview with former Big Brother player, Jeff Schroeder, Amanda joked that “bullying is a really popular topic right now and people view bullying different. Me, personally, I don’t feel like I was bullying… I was just killing it, yo!” She also told Jeff that she is not a racist and her words were taken out of context.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 27: CDL spoke to Amanda’s dad, Mr. Robert Zuckerman, and he explained that Amanda and McCrae are currently visiting with the Olson family.  Robert went on to say that Amanda is adored by McCrae’s parents and that they are proud to have her as part of the gang.  Nice to see Amanda and McCrae continuing on together after Big Brother 15.  CDL wishes the couple all the best and we hope to see them on TV again soon – they are so entertaining!