Big Brother 15: Video Evidence Game Is Fixed?

Big Brother 15: Video Proof Game Is Fixed - Producers Pushed Helen Off So Amanda Can Win The Game and Elissa Disqualifi​ed as HoH on Episode 26!

When we see the Big Brother 15 house on Sunday all the house guests were competing for the coveted HoH and the four juror members were fighting for who gets to return to the game. We have the results and Elissa won the Hoh with Judd returning to the game. But, there is something brewing in the house and it might just turn this game upside down.

Elissa, Aaryn, GM and Andy are in the kitchen and they are talking about how Elissa kept getting in trouble by Keith who is the person who runs the game and who was really ticked off at Elissa for breaking the rules for holding something. Some of the house guests are now saying that Elissa’s feet were off the platform and she should be disqualified.

Elissa wants to put up McCrae and he is terrified which is scaring Andy. He is looking for a way to save himself in the game, hence the reason why Andy wants Elissa disqualified so his alliance of himself, McCrae and Amanda can have a chance to regain control in the house.

The rigging is getting so bad that Helen was pushed off the competition yesterday and we have the proof, check out the hand at her right ankle. Unbelievable, what if Helen had gotten hurt when she was pushed off? Helen was a strong player who was gunning for Amanda and production wanted her gone and weren’t taking any chances that she might get her chance to return to the game and win HoH. But the way they did it, is disgusting.

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14 responses to “Big Brother 15: Video Evidence Game Is Fixed?”

  1. Alesia Steele says:

    so sick of the lying, about they just shut the show down.If that digusting pig amanda wins.I’m never gonna watch this show again

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  3. There is no rigging, Helen was not pushed off, You might as well say a UFO came down and did it. Yes you see a hand adjusting a curtin. I think what we have here is a bunch of board people way to obsessed with a TV show drunk with speculation of foul play. No, CBS has to follow strict rules and to name Allison Grodner is fertile grounds for a libel defamation of character suit.

    • disqus_xG4caDChnT says:

      Actually Big Brother is not considered a game show but a reality show so the FCC rules don’t apply the same as a game show. They can set up a winner if they want to because they are not regulated oin the same way as a game show. Look it up and see for yourself.

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  5. Teddy Lockett says:

    This show is fake right down to Amandas fake boobs i hope Judd or GM WINS

  6. McGlock says:

    open your eyes, where was she pushed? stupid americans

  7. Aaron Cooper says:

    It does not appear she was pushed, however it does make you wonder if that we her “cue” to step off. It look like she just stepped down. I even thought that watching it live.

    Nothing in itself lends one to believe anything is fixed but when you compile all of the circumstantial evidence, it sure makes a convincing case for it.

  8. Alexandra Woodward says:

    I don’t think she was pushed off…if you watch the whole thing on the feeds and not a looped short version (like this clip) it just looks like someone walks by behind her

  9. […] her favor. When Helen Kim, who was a strong player made her thoughts on ousting Amanda in public, she was literally pushed off of a competition to ensure that she would not return to the game from the jury house and come after Amanda. That […]

  10. […] all makes sense now, because CBS has been giving her so much publicity, so this is like a commercial for her; they would love to bring all the controversy and ratings […]

  11. Alexandra Trigili says:

    Fans should boycott the next BB if Amanda is the winner. She is a vile, hate – mongering POS. Some of the HG’s aren’t much better, but Amanda takes nasty to the next level. DO NOT reward this monster with a win. I don’t know how someone can be so despicable with the world watching and then claim to be a victim. She has to go!! And she needs to lose her job as well. I hope her whole world crumbles around her when BB ends. I see her really becoming insane and wandering around town wearing her Granny robe, blowing her horn and ranting about how everyone is so mean to her.

  12. Alexandra Trigili says:

    Someone clearly jostles her foot which sends her off balance. I don’t know how anyone doesn’t see that!