Big Brother 15 Producers Force Final Five To Bash Elissa Slater and Spare Amanda Zuckerman – Learn Why

Big Brother 15 Producers Force Final Five To Bash Elissa Slater and Spare Amanda Zuckerman - Learn Why

In the past 48 hours the Elissa Slater bashing has gotten completely out of control to the point that the final five wanted to take a picture of her, put it in the toilet and deface it. Spencer Clawson kicked her suitcase and nobody wanted to pack it. It is clear that Big Brother 15  production is behind this bashing as every time some is called into the diary room, they seem to bash Elissa even harder after they emerge.

Big Brother production wants the houseguests to bash Elissa for two reasons: Firstly, they want Amanda Zuckerman to win America’s Favorite so they can save face to those people who did not subscribe to the live feeds and show them that Amanda is not as bad as some people said she was.  Julie Chen already began the campaign to repair Amanda’s tainted reputation last Thursday when she was shockingly joking and laughing with her. After Julie excoriated Aaryn for her racism we expected Amanda, who was far more racist then Aaryn, to really get walloped,  Instead CBS decided to paint Amanda as a “bully.”  A bully can be sold on The Amazing Race but not a racist.

The bashing going on in the house is so bad and disgusting that it is literally all that is being discussed and both Spencer and Andy are the ones at the forefront. Here’s just a taste of it: “Elissa I couldn’t imagine living with a bigger lunatic in this house It was insane living with you and I hated every second of it.GinaMarie Zimmerman pulls a piece of cake that had all their faces on it and asks Spencer what they should do with it, he says “put it in the toilet we’ll pi$$ and sh!t on it and you know the things I hated about her… Her b*tch attitude her b*tch lifestyle and her b!*ch face.

Well, if any of you forget just how bad Amanda is during the Elissa bashing, let me remind you. Along with the countless forays of homophobic and racial slurs, Amanda has openly discussed killing and raping Jessie Kowalski and killing both Candice Stewart and Elissa. There was nobody in season 15 that was as bad as Amanda, period. The only remaining houseguest who seems to have any morals amongst the degenerates still playing this game is McCrae Olson he really looks uncomfortable when everyone bashes Elissa, kind of how he looked when all the filth was spewing out of Amanda’s mouth.

  • sheri s

    Amanda is the scum that is at the deepest depth of the oceans floor,. The way she and the others treated Elissa there is NO EXCUSE.
    I will be voting for Elissa for favorite houseguest. She is the one that deserves the prize. I would sooner not vote then to vote for any of these remaining house guests.
    To see how they bashed Elissa made me sick. They showed what kind of people they really are. Elissa has more class in her pinkie finger then all the rest have in total..
    Is this how people make themselves feel good about themselves when they bash someone else…Amanda,Spencer,Andy and GM,Aaryan, should be so embarrassed by there actions. The sad part is there not embarrassed at all.

    • Nick S.

      When Amanda went home . . . . I’ve never been so happy to see someone lose a reality show competition. She was SO mean (but she’s not alone in the “mean” category)

  • Jay

    I hope Andy gets fired from his job too. These people are vile and nasty. The show has really turned to trash talking.

    • Nick S.

      Yeah, I can’t believe some of the stuff that’s gone down this season. Some of it has been downright cruel. The definition of crazysauce reality tv.

  • Hollowground85

    Mccrae isn’t all that! Hes said his fair share on Elissa, esp. saying Elissa is a scumbag, making comments about how she didn’t need to be on BB because she’s already wealthy & commenting on commit suicide as it regards to her. He even didn’t stop Amanda’s bullying rage on Elissa a few weeks prior when Elissa was HOH!

    Andy Herren is awful because he starts the Elissa bashing and gets the remaining HGs going and talks awful about her successful pre-BB entrance and his jealousy about her family’s economic estate. He even goes as far as talking smack about her child and step-children, but swears he loves Elissa! He’s a joke! He’s been called awful things by Amanda and Spencer when it comes to his sexuality (but he befriends these losers), but never once, Elissa said anything bad about his sexuality (and hates her).

    Spencer Clawson and Judd Daugherty both have no respect for women and quite misogynistic. Judd has also called Elissa C-word & to STFU (last Wednesday). Judd went as far as saying the jury house women are cathouse whores! Yet the show refuses to air his comments like Aaryn and Amanda have gotten for their bullying and racism, maybe they want to keep their female fans dumb as hell too who don’t watch the feeds! But BB fangirls sweat J-U-Double-Dumb! Spencer is racist, made homophobic and is a ped0! Spencer is a floater, Elissa hated that he was still in the house for being one and Spencer has made it his personal mission to hate Elissa.

    Ginamarie Zimmerman has hit Amanda level saying she would rape Elissa with a dild0 Saturday morning! Early this week, Ginamarie attacked Elissa’s 8 year old child about his possible biracial background! She’s even said that Elissa is autistic because her motor in terms of how she speaks isn’t as fast as others especially the kids she use to work w/in beauty pageants! Mind you, Elissa cared about GM’s eating disorder & dyslexia while getting to know her and fixed her rat’s nest hair.

    None of them deserves 500Gs and CBS should feel disgusted with the all the bashing, bullying, racism, and homophobic attitudes and rage upon this most of this cast. And the fact they are going to have to promote one of these people as their winner is a disgrace. I hope all of production sees the door after this season especially Alison Grodner, her time has come to an end. My heart goes out to Elissa who only wanted to
    play BB because she loves BB, but everyone wanted to play personal BB which effected her game. Now we have the shittest final 5 in history! Can’t wait to vote
    for Elissa AFP and hopefully she gets the biggest ovation over this year’s winner!

    • Nick S.

      Thanks so much for commenting! Excellent insights into this season’s gameplay.

  • Lilly

    Dorothy Gale I agree 100% with you, it’s nice to read how things really are. This is the best article I’ve read on Big Brother this season.

  • Thor Atkinson

    They said he doesn’t work there because HE DOESN’T WORK THERE dumbass. Listen to the interviews he does he explains the school goes semester by semester. He was never fired. You’re an idiot.